Three Interesting Colleagues I Have Met This Bootcamp

Being an introvert and shy by nature, I used to find meeting new people particularly stressful. Yes. Going to places, parties where I get to meet new people used to give me these mini heart attacks. And being more of a listener, I start to worry, “What will I say to them”, “How will I initiate a conversation with them ?”

Used to.

Communication is the key to life, as this interesting article said. We pass information by communicating; no body wakes up one morning and just knows things, right?

In boot camp, I have realized that nobody knows everything. And the terms, “Simple/Basic” and “Difficult” are relative. What is “simple” for me might be very confusing for others. Therefore, how does one bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge? simple, by asking!

I’ve gained a lot by meeting a few interesting colleagues while in this boot camp;

I met Oluwaremi Oluwole when I came for my interview, and we exchanged numbers. I was so glad to see him in boot camp. He, like me, has no degree in Computer Science, and a self-taught programmer.

Olatunji Yusuf like me, did his Youth Service in Ibadan, Oyo state. He also attended the “Andela Learning Community (ALC) for Android beginners” meetup. He’s not afraid to ask questions, and this has earned him a lot of respect from me.

Chimereucheya Okereke Is an amazing person. She’s a photographer, computer engineer and a programmer (mind blown!). She’s a fast learner. I remember her having difficulties in TDD, and I put her through by showing and explaining to her with about 2 test cases, and before I knew it, She had completed the challenge. I was happy because it made me feel good about myself, I felt I would make a really good teacher.

We are about 50 in this boot camp, and I really can’t wait to meet and know more about the rest of us. The “Relationship building” session on Friday will be “lit”, and I can feel it already. I can’t wait!

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