My interview on My Millennial Money Podcast

Fred Schebesta
Feb 4 · 4 min read

A while back I spoke with Glen James and John Pidgeon on My Millennial Money about wealth, structural concepts surrounding my life, spending, saving, and Finder.

Here are some of the highlights from our chat.

Starting out..

When Frank Restuccia and I first started out in business, we experienced heaps of downfalls and every single one of them taught us the importance of money: saving, spending, and how to live on a limited budget.

Before Finder, we had a digital marketing agency and twice we had someone come in and steal all our laptops. It really slowed us down. We hadn’t just lost laptops but we had lost all the digital memories that we had collected over the years. Both times, it was like starting from scratch. This taught us a lot. It taught us to value what we had, and despite the losses how to look forward and keep going.

At the digital marketing agency and even in the early days of Finder, both Frank and I were scraping to stay alive, get clients, and learn how to run a business. It was all very new to us. We didn’t know the laws and this led us to court once. We didn’t know the difference of being in the business and on the business, had two unfair dismissals, and the list goes on. However, we carried on. We picked up what worked and what didn’t, figured out how to do things and started developing structures to streamline processes.

I love saving money…

I love saving money. Being frugal helped me a lot when we were scraping by and I’m still a big investor rather than a spender.

It’s not that I won’t spend money on expensive things, but it depends on the return. For example, I used to wear Converse shoes and would wear holes in them after six months so I would go through two-three pairs a year. Now I buy Saint Laurent sneakers because they last a really long time and so even though they are expensive, they have a good return. This savings mindset helped me throughout my journey and I think it’s extremely important to have, whether you’re just starting out or at the top of your game.

Start now and give quality…

Whatever it is that you want to achieve — whether it’s starting a business, accomplishing a goal or a dream — make sure you start now. And don’t be afraid to fail. I always think that the faster you fail, the faster you learn, get back up, and succeed. This is actually ingrained in Finder’s core values. It’s called Go Live and it means just do it and get things done. Experiment and have a go.

Turn weaknesses into strengths…

We all have a number of strengths and weaknesses. I always focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. What are you really good at? This is where you will dominate. But it’s also important to consider your weaknesses and put systems and people in place that strengthen in these areas.

Here’s an example of that.

I am someone who will always have a number of ideas in my head and I’ll get fixated on one particular thing, which means I’ll lose focus of everything else. In the early days of Finder, this was a constant problem so I started appointing crew for each idea to lead on a project. This would give the crew autonomy and when I was tunnel visioned on one idea, I knew there was someone looking after all the other parts of the business. This makes me appreciate Frank and all the crew at Finder because they are relentless in executing projects and following through with ideas.

You could say that I became self-aware to hack my own personality.


Regardless of how much money you have, it’s really important to be grateful. For me, being grateful physically, mentally, and emotionally is a real source of happiness. I have finally gotten to a point where I feel worthy of what I have achieved. Personally, happiness and wealth are disconnected for me. There is a point where you become financially comfortable and after that I think there’s no amount of things you can buy in this world to make you happy.

I have finally reached a point, after all the years of scraping by, where I am living a comfortable lifestyle and I am happy with that. I wanted to invest in a house and I’ve done that. I wanted to wake up and look at the ocean, be close to the water and have a place where I could entertain my friends and family. I’ve gone over the top with my house, but I see it as an investment and not just spending.


I am financially driven so saving and investing is really important to me. I have always budgeted and I still do. I have separate accounts for living and investing, and I ensure to budget for them. This mindset has stuck with me.

These are some of the things I spoke about on the podcast. If you want to hear more, you can listen to the entire Podcast here.

Cheers for having me on the show guys!


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