Why finder.com is launching in the US and why we need your help (we’re hiring!)

Frank and I launched finder.com.au in 2006 to provide a better way for Australians to access valuable advice for their financial situations. Since then, we’ve grown the business to over 100 people across the world.

It’s been a fun ride and now we’re expanding to the U.S.A. We’re hiring across a range of disciplines including internet generalists, public relations, Biz Ops, content specialists and editors. But why should you join the finder.com US team? Read on… (or skip straight to our jobs page).

A small startup with a big mission

Joining a startup usually comes with a tradeoff — join a small team with a scrappy attitude and fun environment, or join a bigger team with less fun and more backing. Thankfully, since finder is an established business in Australia, our New York and Santa Monica office has the best of both worlds. We have the financial support and resources of the HQ downunder but the opportunity to shape the U.S. business from the ground up.

Why finder.com is exciting

Here are the top 5 things that make this opportunity exciting:

  1. Make a big impact on a small team: Join the founding team in the US backed by the resources of Australia.
  2. Sharpen your skills: Compete in a hypercompetitive market, probably the most competitive keywords in Google.
  3. Get creative: A proven product market fit and profitable business model, freeing you up to compete on creativity.
  4. Go global: We’re rolling out the business globally — vast opportunities and challenges await.
  5. Don’t hold back: We pride ourselves on going live and as such we’re always eager for fresh, creative ideas for approaching new markets.

5 things that will be awesome fun at finder in the next 12 months

  1. Making a marked difference to the comparison space.
  2. Personally making an actual impact and growing a business from scratch in a really fast timeframe.
  3. Winning hyper competitive first milestones and celebrating like it’s 1999!
  4. Being a part of a startup mafia team that will change the game.
  5. Creating the US version of the world’s number 1 comparison service.

The Vision: Find a simpler way through life

Navigating the world of personal finance is terrifying for most people. There are so many complicated decisions to be made and so much pressure to make the right choice.

Our vision is to build a service that helps people navigate through life without the headache of complex financial decisions.

We’re building comparison engines that make sense of complicated data and personal finance advice that speaks to the life stages that people have to navigate.

On top of that, we are on a mission to launch the first global comparison service.

Bringing Australian financial integrity to the US

In Australia we call the financial crash the “GFC” or “Global Financial Crisis” but actually Australia didn’t get affected much by the 2008 fallout — largely because of a more disciplined approach to finance. This integrity and discipline is something I’m really keen to give back to Americans and bring that trust back to your personal finances in a fresh new way.

Who we’re looking for

Everyone on the finder.com team needs to be an internet generalist, but beyond that we want people passionate about simplifying the personal finance experience. In particular, we’re looking for:

Content Managers — We call these folks publishers — this role is someone who can run the content team for one of our channels (e.g. credit cards, insurance). This involves some knowledge of SEO, content marketing and managing teams of writers.

Editors— We’re looking for editors who know how to get a content machine humming. We have exceptionally high standards for our content and have exciting plans for even more innovative ways to deliver content. We are looking for people to manage our content process and be the ultimate gatekeeper of quality.

Copywriters — Masters of direct copywriting, headlines and stepping into the shoes of the user and writing direct to their needs and wants.

Data Journalists — Core to the finder.com mission is taking complex data and making it simple to understand. We’re looking for data journalists who can bring these stories to life using interactive visualizations.

Communications Superstars — People to build trusted strong relationships with the media, institutions, influencers and bloggers to continue our reputation for providing the highest quality consumer insights and unique angles that are appealing to their readers.

Graduate Marketers — Are you hungry to get in the game but haven’t been given the opportunity by anyone to show you have the skills to win the internet? We’ll help you on your career path and ensure you reach your potential.

All other roles — Interested in joining us on the journey of launching here in the US, but don’t think any of the above role suit? We’re still keen to hear from you. Drop us a line with your resume and a cover letter and we’ll get in touch.