4 reasons Why you should keep a journal

Why should you keep a journal? What makes journalling so beneficial?

Perhaps because it clears your mind, it allows you to pour out your darkest and deepest thoughts. For me personally, it allows me to express myself, as I struggle to express myself verbally.

Journalling has been around for years, but it wasn’t till I looked through some of the past journals I kept as a child/teenager and noticed some interesting things.

To record and recall events and issues

Journals can be an effective way to recall events and problems that happened in the past. They can also be an effective way to record how you feel in the present moment

They’re also another great way to keep track of your patterns — patterns within friends, thoughts, career, relationships and so on. Giving a clearer perspective of who you are.

To be brutally honest about your feelings and thoughts

Some of us perhaps are brutally honest about our feelings and thoughts on a daily basis, from time to time. Some of us, like myself on the other hand aren’t so quick to really think about how we feel or what we’re thinking about.

I often struggle to sit down with my feelings and thoughts, and often distract myself from them. Recording your feelings and thoughts on paper can allow you to think about why you do certain things, and help to reflective on unpleasant or pleasant past events.

To therapeutically release your pain

I like to choose my words wisely when I’m venting with someone or at someone. Do you choose your words wisely when you are venting?

Journalling is another great way to vent your pain, vent you darkest sorrows on to a piece of lined paper, where no one and absolutely no one will know. Penning problems on paper is a practice which allows you to release in a physical manner.

To increase your writing skills

As a result you’ll begin to improve your writing skills. There is chance to challenge yourself when it comes to journalling. If you write long sentences, you can try to see if you can write your thoughts in shorter sentences. By keeping a journal you allow yourself room to improve consistently, especially if you write everyday.