How often do you self-care?: 4 simple tips

‘When you take care of yourself, you allow yourself to blossom like flowers do when they’re watered.’

How often do you take care of yourself? I mean like really take care you? Does self-care exist in your vocabulary or in your mind?

In our busy and chaotic and sometimes productive world, finding time to cater our own needs can be a far stretch. You might find yourself taking care of someone’s else’s needs and saying to yourself you’ll relax later.

The problem with relaxing ‘later’ is that we risk the symptoms of burn out, some of else may feel the symptoms earlier on that most. For the most of my life, I have mainly catered to the needs of others, whether it be physical or emotionally, I’ve been there. Of course I love helping others, but continually find myself burning out or feeling depleted and sad that I have no time to relax.

This leaves me super stressed and overwhelmed, and wanting to quit life, but you know life must go on…

Whilst life must go, it’s important to make time to take of your needs, not everyone in the world is kind in the world to look after you. YOU have to set that boundary, and look after yourself when things get too chaotic in your life — which is sometimes difficult to do.

Lately I’ve been thinking about we as humans can look after ourselves, and constantly have a self-care days.

Let go and experience that emotional breakdown

Sometimes letting go and having a huge fat cry can be refreshing and liberating. You may be someone who is open or someone who is guarded, however crying can be a pain relief.

Surround yourself with uplifting people

Surrounding yourself with uplifting and positive people can pull you out a funk or negative mood. It can also make a positive impact on you and generate feelings of love.

Make No one of your favourite words

I struggle to say no to favours, and when I take them on, I often feel very annoyed and frustrated. However it depends on the person and how much time I have. Whilst saying yes to opportunities, you also have to do a little thinking at times and check whether this opportunity presented will affect your mental health and physical health.

You can’t help everybody, but you can help some people. You have to remember your own needs at times and that’s where the word ‘no’ comes in.

Do a check in with yourself

How often do you stop to check in and see how you really feel? Honestly? It’s easy to get caught with things or tasks and brush aside how you really feel. A simple way to check is to keep a journal and every so often scribble your thoughts and feelings.

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