You’re Fired.

I’ve assertively fired 2 clients just this week. One this morning. It feels good to protect our boundaries, those of the co-creative space we are custodians of and to be the standard we might expect of our co-creators. It holds us accountable to ourselves as well, lest we may let ourselves down.

When I decided to go all-in on this transformative business I wanted to be a disruptor to the status quo because of what I knew and had experienced was possible in surprisingly short periods of time. I was therefore not prepared to trade time for money, and I know that Value just like beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. We cannot have a clue how expensive a problem that someone has might be to them. We cannot know how valuable that solution might be to them in this moment.

So what? Knowing our worth as a human being, knowing our worth as a member of a community; knowing our worth as a caring but detached professional; knowing the value of our silences…

…as well as our questions. Understanding the weight of our words and the gravity of our sentences. Knowing our energy’s potential limit-less worth, valuing the time ne’er-to-be-retrieved that we invest in meeting co-creator clients in a creative and empowered space of self-creation, re-invention and self-determination.

Knowing the opportunity cost. Knowing our hard boundaries. Knowing what it costs us to have those boundaries crossed. As the instigator of the co-creative space and it’s potential value, to have that underestimated is, ultimately, my sole creative responsibility.

I created that: I created a potential client who doubted their potential and was seemingly more invested in their past story than their present and future. No matter what rationale and truths I shared, she was seemingly too scared and attached to take a leap of faith in herself.

Until I owned creative responsibility for the whole interaction. All of it. I am but her mirror, as I am for anyone and everyone.

By owning creative responsibility for the entire interaction, I regained ownership and insight, discovering for myself I had had doubts and uncertainties too on the value of that space. Her mindspace was a reflection of my own. So I drew a line for both our sakes. I closed the door so that we were both crystal clear on the (for-want-of-a-better-word) sanctity of that space, and my energy invested in creating the space.

Marianne Williamson’s infamous maxim:

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond imagination. It is our Light, not our Darkness that most frightens us.”

..had both liberated and frozen me in time — until I leapt into the unknown to discover the courage I didn’t know for sure that I possessed. I cleared my entire space of doubts and doubters (they were reflections of me) by drawing that line. I discovered and understood that until or unless I embodied the value and certainty forward of one’s own creative responsibility, centred, grounded, I would continue to attract only partially-committed potential clientele, who when faced with choices I was going to present them with, would likely balk and/or ensnare themselves in the same uncertainty.

So here is the line. I have taken that leap. Are you gonna meet me in here? Hell yeah, or Hell No. Either is perfectly acceptable.