Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump speaks at a campaign event (Image by Matt Johnson is licensed by CC 2.0)

Play-Doh is closest Trump has ever come to delivering a concrete solution

“We’re glad you’re not playing golf in Martha’s Vineyard.”

A Louisiana supporter of Donald Trump spoke those words to the presidential candidate as he passed through her flood-stricken neighborhood.

I hear those words and I make an audible phew-ing noise. I mean, I can understand it on a base level. A community that is beyond-devastated from record floods catches wind of their president showing up in pictures golfing in the sunshine of Martha’s Vineyard. I’d be pissed. And then you get a surprise visit from the opponent who has always stood against his glaring incompetence and a national press pool ready to nip at any sign of red meat.

One person who wasn’t too thrilled with Trump’s visit was Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. While the right wing press has circulated the Obama-dares-to-golf-on-vacation-photos as proof that he doesn’t care about the people of Louisiana, the governor had actually requested that he stay away.

After all, when a president — or a presidential candidate, and his vice presidential candidate, and their collective secret service details, and their gaggle of national press — travels anywhere, local first reponders bear the brunt of clearing interstates and ensuring public safety. In the aftermath of these massive floods, Gov. Edwards felt it more appropriate that his first responders focus on the community.

So, when Trump and Pence made their “impromptu” and “surprise” visit to Baton Rouge they ignored the governor’s request for their photo-opp. And what a photo opp it was.

Other then moving through some neighborhoods, stopping and talking to residents and first responders who stopped him, Trump and Pence brought no relief volunteers, no donation money, nothing of real substance. While Pres. Obama is on vacation, his attenti0n and the attention of the federal beaurocracy has not been.

You want to show me a picture of Obama golfing? I scoff and raise you a video of Donald Trump rolling up his sleeves (not really, he didn’t even take off his blazer and his monstrosity-and-possible-metaphor of a white-Make-America-Great-Again-hat) to help unload packages off a truck…packages of Play-Doh…for less than a minute.

Let me tell you, that gem of a clip, that clip is my newest #EncapsulatesHisCandidacy moment (that’s a mouthful of a hashtag, but it’s got a ring to it, and the dude has a lot of personifying moments).

In an election season and a moment in human history when a serious dialogue and debate of multitude issues was needed, Trump’s candidacy and tactics have diverted attention and rail roaded that national dialogue. And in the end, after the lights fade and the cameras disappear, so does Trump and all vestiges of his gravitas that faded when you saw him try and fail to pass a heavy box to, first, a woman and then to a “big, strong guy.”

What’s worse is that despite his supposed impressive wealth that he has touted the entire campaign, the candidate did not write a single check while in Louisiana, and unlike Hillary Clinton, he didn’t rally any support to funding for organizations like the Red Cross. Tellingly, the few policies or ideas that Trump has put forward to aide a hurting and angry populace will prove to be just as useful of the cases of Play-Doh he passed along to more capable — and larger — hands.