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Do we really need startups?

Xavier invited me to share my thoughts and recommendations for the Belgian Startup, I’m taking up on that offer in this post.

Do we really need startups?

Xavier invited me to share my thoughts and recommendations for the Belgian Startup, I’m taking up on that offer in this post.

My virus labs have confirmed that Avast is malicious, please uninstall 

Please read the updates of this post

Over the weekend, Avast started reporting TextSecure as malicious.

How Reuters got compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army

Hint: It isn’t actually Reuters’ fault

Earlier today, Reuters was compromised by the Syrian…

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Insights from the Syrian Revolution

I just need a place to write about random topics I care about.

Another look at what’s going on in the Koreas.

The Boys of Deraa

I’m sick and tired of people hearing people non-sense about how the Syrian revolution started and to hear people claiming it wasn’t a popular upraising.

Here is a good piece extracted from “The Syrian Rebellion” by Fouad Ajami.

Syria had its official pride, and that pride helped blind it to the…

What I saw today at the “Hands Off Syria” rally

We heard a lot of stuff in the news lately about a potential strike against Syria. I attended one of the “Anti-War” demonstrations to hear what they had to say.

When I arrived in front of the United Nations in Geneva, I immediately noticed that the rally was nothing else than a puzzle made…

Why I closed my eBay account.

Last week, I put my old camera on eBay. Since I upgraded to a 5D Mark III, I didn’t see the need in keeping my old Nikon D300 and its lenses.

The user experience to set up the auction is a disaster. Checkboxes to enable paid options are cluttering the interface and the business model is incentivizing people not to document the object correctly…

Let’s get this straight

A few words about how the Syrian regime is trying to profit from the protests in Turkey.

It’s been a few days now that the streets of Istanbul have witnessed protesters demanding to be heard by the governement but in the past hours the movement has intensified and the spread all over the country and even abroad where people are…

The Free Syrian Army is growing stronger every day

This is a guest post by Koert Debeuf who is living in Cairo where he represents the Liberals and Democrats of the European Parliament in the Arab world.

When I read the piece of Aron Lund ‘the FSA doesn’t exist’ I was utterly surprised. Of course the FSA does exist. And it is changing rapidly. Since a few months the…

Facebook Graph Search - The Monetization Theory

Facebook Graph Search looking really great from a user-perspective but I think the real genius is in its advertising potential.

Sustaining a revolution (or why the non-lethal aid really matters)

It's been some time now that Syria has been uprising (exactly two years in a week). Both the regime's forces and the rebels have terrible human losses. Around fourteen thousand soldiers from the regime forces have been killed and almost as many have been killed in the FSA.