First Journal

Some people said that being a grade 9 student is very hard, but for me it’s like what I have experienced last year. My first week of being a grade 9 is kinda stressful but, it’s fun. Because we only have one section.

First week, new students, new teachers, new beginning. Some of the old students have transferred to other school. And plenty of us stayed. Some of the teachers gave some assignments at the first day of school which I didn’t do. Sometimes I’m not doing my assignments because I always play League of Legends. When I come home I will just drop my bag and then I will go to the Computer shop to play League of Legends that’s why I forgot to do my assignments.

The next week, I woke up like 6:00 AM then I came to school like 6:40, When I was riding the jeepney I was like, OMG! I think I am going to be late for school. But when the jeepney drop me off near 7/11. I walk as fast as I can so that I won’t be late for school. Thanks to my long steps I arrived at school 6:40 which is not late. I was panthing that time when I arrived at school gym. Some of my classmates asked me why I’m panthing then I said the reason why I’m panthing.

On wednesday, my classmates asked me if I want to play basketball with them, I agreed, they said the call time is 4:15 at St. Dominic. Before I go to the basketball court, first I go to school to see if they are in the school. Then I saw Joseph, Mark, and Aivan. 4:25, we arrived at the basketball court then we saw Jeremy, Marc and Miguel playing basketball already. Then we wait the others to come then we started playing basketball until 6:00 PM. We decided to eat because we are very hungry and tired. We eat together. It’s already 7:30 when we finished eating our dinner. Then we go home. It’s almost 8:00 when I arrived at my house. Then I sleep already because I am very tired.

My first and second week as a grade 9 was very fun but, I still can’t stop playing League of Legends. It’s like I’m addicted to it, That’s why I forgot some of my homeworks. Playing League of Legends is the best but, it can ruin my studies. But still, League of Legends is LIFE!

-Frederic, Peace out!

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