I’m so tired

This week, I felt so tired, I don’t know why? Not because of doing this but because of having many problems in my mind, I think next week will be so very stressful week, because many scaffolds are need to be passed next week, which I am not doing even one, but I am thankful because my mind told me to do my journal that’s why. I am a lazy person but I need to pass this subject!

Let’s start on monday! So I came to school like it’s 6:38, but when we go up for morning assembly I was very sleepy, I want to sleep but I can’t because there are so many students, then I waited for my favorite subject, I know you don’t know it, Hahahaha, but my favorite subject is math, math-ulog. Every math time I am getting sleepy. I am always falling asleep. That’s why I am not aware of math things in our class, LOL! But then, I still love math!

Wednesday, it’s World Teachers Day, many students surprised their teachers. Then that time I was so happy because we’re only half day! Then at 10:00 AM we went upstairs to watch the program. Students immitating teachers, talent portion etc., then I got bored Carl, Jeremy and I decided to go to the clinic to stay there until the program ends, By the way, we are like ninjas going downstairs. We are hiding because we might get caught by Mr. Wilson, and then we got to the clinic safe and sound.

Friday, TGIF! Becuase it’s friday, I don’t do much. I am saving my energy for saturday haha. So then It was saturday we watched the championship games. BSCS vs. GSCS Midgets Division. It was a tought fight for the Flames. But it was only a one point lead game. I forgot the score. But, I think it was GSCS’ day because I think they won all their games, even their battle with the Centurions. I thought CSBN will won that game, but it’s GSCS’ lucky day then I got home by 8:30 PM because I played Dota 2 and made a twitter account yay! So follow me at twitter @fredoquinco

Thank God ‘sinipag ako gumawa ng journal ko ngayon’ so that’s it. This is my journal. Hope it didn’t ruin your day. It’s sunday and that means it’s Lord’s day don’t forget to go to church.