Pundits And Politicians Are Tacitly Admitting That They Lied About Russia
Caitlin Johnstone

Pundits and Politicians. I believe your premise that the fog obscuring exactly who the hacked the DNC, and who inspired them to do it, has nothing to do with the fact that it was the Russian government weaponised the information, feeding it to a Presidential Campaign for use against thier rival. I also fail to understand why you claim that our Intelligance agencies conclusion, after collecting a massive amount of data, showing Russian Intelligence operators systematically attempting,and indeed suceeding in probing eletion data in nearly every state in the union., Not only that, there have been several warnings of Russian attempted hacking into the operational computer networks at various nuclear power plants, and electrical grids throughout the country. I am sure you have read how Russian hackers have broght down the power and water opoerations in the Ukraine this past year. If that doesnt justify the alarm that our Intelligence community and most, if not all of our Legislative Branch, than I don’;t know what else possibly could. I assume you are not denying that they have been doing the same soret of activity throughout Western Europes democracies foir years now. As well as all the former Soviet satellite nations.

I also recall, during the 2016 Campaign season, while watching “Hardball” on television one evening, the screen was comandeered by the same “FancyBear” hackers that were resposnible for leaving thier electronic signatures on our various states electoral rolls. The screen sudenly morphed into a psuedo documentary about Polish military intervention in Russian land and airspace. It was remarked on the next day by the Obama Administration, when reports surfaced about Russian television stations related to the previous nights Hardball preemption, having been knocked off the air in Russia for 24 hours.

So, no I do not believe that the press, the pundits, or the government have been lying to us about Russian hakers intervening in our Democratic process. No matter what the Nation has concluded.

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