7 Ways to Stay Happiest (@ Work)

Very often, I am asked how/why I am most satisfied with my career. This got my wheels turning and I wrote about it! So, I put together my own “7 Ways to Stay Happiest”, some of the best lessons I’ve learned (so far!). I use these principles in and outside the boardroom:

1. “Don’t let no [any] grass grow under your feet.”

2. Always try your best to be honest and humble to yourself. Family, friends, and colleagues are designed to have a different vantage point. Heed their advice, but you drive your own career. Listening, first, will take you further in your career than you know.

3. Build an awesome network of people around you. The diversity of your network should expand your mind and creativity. Seek out the experts in whatever it is that you want to be, when “you grow up.” And most quintessential, find and cherish those who believe in you. They are hard to come by, and these will be your first investors.

4. Laugh: hard, long and most important, LOL (Laugh Out Loud)! There is humor and opportunity in every mistake. Don’t be married to your work — everythingimproves over time.

5. Learn something new each day! Read a random Pulse topic, visit a museum, YouTube an informative video. If you really want to get good at this: listen to music without lyrics — try jazz.

6. It’s the small and simple things in life that we enjoy the most. Smile, just because.

7. Saying “No” is never a bad thing. No, simply means that you don’t agree on some level. There is nothing wrong with boundaries. Those who set work boundaries are most likely to be promoted and satisfied with their careers. NOTE:Use Rule #2 to be humble in expressing your view on the matter.


Sometime, bridges will burn; just try not to be the one holding the match or gas! You may never travel across that bridge again, but who knows if you will need the people who once lived on the other side of the bridge? Apologies, still work!

Get over it! The past has already occurred, and present is in our grasp, and the future is really all that matters. No guilt trips. Instead, take an international trip to clear your mind!

If any of the above resonates with you, I encourage you to like, send with a friend, then print this out and post it so you can see it daily!

These 7 have made an invaluable difference in my personal and professional development. I trust they will do the same for you.

“Don’t let no [any] grass grow under your feet.” — @PHreshestBoy

Keep yourself happily busy. Do what drives you, and keep active. #YUPPIE

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