How to become a Gator

I’m spending my semester abroad at the University of Florida and the most important thing what you need to know is everything about the football team! The first thing you learn here is the “Gator-Clap” and who’s the quarterback of the team. (BTW it`s Luke del Rio)

I want to give you a very short behavior guide if you ever want to be a part of the #Gatornation:

1. Orange and blue are automatically your favorite colors when you sign in as student here.

2. Wear orange or blue especially on game days, but even every other day you feel like to wear it.

3. Buy at least one thing you can carry around with you which has a gator on so you can show everybody that you are a true gator. Stickers on laptops are also accepted.

4. Watch the games as often as possible, you can buy a season pass to show everyone you are really serious about it.

5. A photo with Albert the Alligator is a trophy you have to keep forever and show to your kids in the future.

6. When you are in “the Swamp” you are not allowed to sit. The ones who sit quit!

7. Also important: Learn allthe “Gator-songs” we sing during a game to become part of the community.

It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

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