What going abroad feels like

Today I want to share my thoughts and experience what it feels like going abroad. 
I am away from home now for nearly 2 months so I start reflecting a little bit. The first weeks I spent traveling around Florida. I visited a lot of places which I could not imagine to visit a year ago. That’s what it feels like to be abroad you see so many new things, you experience so many new situations. 
You have to face new challenges every day. When I arrived in Miami which was the first point of our route through Florida the luggage was lost, so we spent the first days there in the same clothes we were wearing during the fly. It was not comfortable and you honestly you felt like a homeless person but you just go on and deal with it. You learn to relax because most of the time things are not work out like you planned them. 
You grow with your challenges. So if you go abroad you have to speak a language which is not your mother tongue this can be a challenge because its unfamiliar for you to speak or even write in this other language but I tell you the more you practice the better you get. I’m still not super comfortable with it because of course my English is not perfect but you just have to stop worrying. People know that you try hard and will appreciate this so don’t be afraid of any language barriers. 
According to language barriers I want to mention the international contacts you are going to get. You will meet so many people from all over the world so the opportunity to make friends all over the world is there. It is your decision to use it or not. If you feel like to make a hundred friends you should do this exact thing, but when you are not a super open person maybe you only get in contact with 2 or 3 people and that’s also fine. 
That’s another thing you learn during your semester abroad: you learn about yourself more than ever before. You really have to deal with your personality in a complete new environment. 
The country where you spend your semester will show you new characteristics you might add to your behavior and personality, but you will also be more clear about what really defines you. 
Something what really defines my life abroad is learning. I learn something new every day. Sometimes this new knowledge is related to university and academic stuff but I also learn a lot about America and relations between people. So going abroad is a great opportunity for everyone! Nobody should think he or she cannot do it because even if you feel like you can’t you will learn how to survive because you have to!

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