A necessary message

The fundamental delusion of humanity
is to suppose that I am here
and you are out there.

It is understandable that human beings completely identify themselves with the existential plane in which they are raised and with which they relate throughout their life. It is also comprehensible, to some extent, that humans discard any experience or situation that is not compatible with the socio-cultural environment in which they develop. What is inconceivable, however, is that after eons of divisive conditioning (nations, casts, religions, creeds, political systems, beliefs, etc.), humans insist on improving and bringing together the world through the exclusive «truth» of the context that they are familiar with.

Our dismembered humanity is in need of a humanistic message beyond words! It seems that most of the time we are oblivious of the fact that today there are more than seven billion people on our planet, that is to say, seven billion «truths». Therefore, it doesn’t matter how kind your intentions may be, or how noble you consider your undertaking, when trying to impose your «truth», you are aggressively participating in the divisive human plight.

As long as we don’t dare to detach from the constellation of thoughts with which we identify and that represent a very limited reality, we will continue fostering human dismemberment with all that it entails; only through an inclusive mind with ecumenical horizons will a unifying humanistic message be able to be shared.

This unifying humanitarian message requires neither truths nor opinions; what truth could be more beautiful than Life? This necessary message needs only an envoy with a kind heart: innocent, unbiased, humble, spontaneous, joyous, simple and pure. A heart capable of sharing an impersonal message more powerful than any belief; a heart capable of communicating a message devoid of assumptions, points of views, reasons or opinions, a message free of the destructive idiosyncrasy that never goes beyond its private collectivity.