An unexpected satire of life against education

They are our hope and future!
«Get ready, study hard, or you will not get very far! » And thus, without anyone noticing, youngsters have less freedom than a donkey on a farm.

Apply yourselves, there’s not enough to eat!
Earth is your most faithful friend, if you took care of it, everyone could have a feast. But you esteem the elite: entrepreneurs, politicians, the mighty and the priest; recognition to the noble peasants seems to have ceased. «Children! go to the cities, life in the countryside is now obsolete. »

Education can stop this disastrous sequel!
Up in the mountains, where there are no schools, is where I found the kindest people. Only next to nature can a person’s life be harmonious, rich and simple; but since you celebrate knowledge, you destroy your planet while implementing theories that are supposed to make you equal. You don’t have to know how to read to be generous, honest, peaceful.

But we must let them fly!
What a seductive lie! Here, there is no choice: with the establishment they must comply; tradition they better not dare to defy. So teachers! prepare them well, if they have enough money, at least they can choose where to die.

As for their happiness?
When the day finally comes for which they have arduously prepared, ha-ha, maybe happiness will be there waiting, unimpaired. Meanwhile the country boy about happiness does not care; he rolls, plays, sings, with the freshness that the wind and the prairies share.

What about their illiteracy?
Through knowledge you expect them to live significantly? Frame your titles and your remarkable experience! They will remind us that you fought for success, splendidly. Meanwhile in the meadow, a boy shares honey with the bees, selflessly.

But solutions they must find!
Welcome new member of humankind. Don’t you worry too much, your path is already defined. Who cares about freedom when you can help everyone shine?! Just remember: the key is to stay within the line.

But they will be mediocre, if we let them rest!
No time for dreaming people! working is always first. Learn from those who have power, not from those who have thirst.

What will they become?
They never know what they are, yet they are always obsessed with what they will be. So study child, study! Perhaps the answers of the books will help your future see. Meanwhile in the meadow, a boy forgot about his existence, while hugging a tree.

Their art must be qualified!
You heard children! If your expression is not comprehended, it will be nullified. In society’s recognition, your value will reside. If your art does not coincide, with the written expectations, it shall be denied. So you must polish your heart! until its qualified. Meanwhile in the meadow, a boy takes a joyride; under the sun, next to the cows, right there! where human’s essence is vivified.

And knowledge?
Just keep investing in schools! Who cares if nature suffers, as long as there are fewer fools. Let’s just hope you get closer to Life, by following the rules. Meanwhile in the meadow, a boy understands Creation, while playing with a mule.

Life and humanity seem to clash. But who cares! If nature is destroyed, at least your knowledge will last.