An unsought (spiritual?) encounter

The composer of these words would like to clarify: the story narrated herein, which attempts to revivify a true event, is no longer precise. It is at best, a tribute to what really happened to that man while in a promising, self-imposed ostracize.

In the lower Himalayan range, is where his relentless-seeking-spirit decided to epitomize the supreme-self. He would, at last, be able to leave behind the trivial temporality of the human plight to flow harmoniously with the abiding cadence of the universes.

However, after many years of living amongst the auspicious mountains, his life became as remote as the cave in which he was in. But to him it was all too glorious! Untouchable, meaningful, a Buddha-like figure; undisturbed.

His daily breathing practices, a meditative demeanor, countless reflections and a starred sky, had been until then his most loyal, inseparable friends.

With each rising sun, came back the arduous and patient practitioner who humbly expected only one thing from the world: the moment of self-transcendence.

His guru: the silent expression of that isolated environment, firmly approved of his divine venture. He no longer had to listen to the dissenting voices of the mundane minds; the roar of the timeless winds assured his path.

But the auspicious mountains failed to predict what was to occur one morning under the waking-sun: the muting of the guru’s soothing roar. So on that unpredictable dawn, as soon as the man heard the resonance of the Sage’s universal presence, all other noises, divine and mundane, ceased to exist.

After a contemplating instant, the man shut his eyes and dared to disturb the sublime presence of the Sage:

-This simple abode is not worthy of your presence.

What makes you say that?! Are you still oblivious of the all-pervading essence?
I was moved by your feeble, seeking-condition; desolation has conned you, and instead of flowing naturally, this cave has filled you up with selfish ambition.
Life made you heir to the freshest air! She shared Her world with you so that you too, could be as She is: generous and fair. But Instead, you sit here alone on selfish prayer.
You were given countless landscapes so that you could add your colors, and look at you now! isolated, ungrateful, greedy; oblivious of Her, focused only on your morrows.

-Humanity distracts me with its empty paths; forgive me Sage, but I want to be next to you, the sacred avatars.

Don’t worry, I get you. Mankind is for men the most destructive strife. Before savoring the natural currents of Life, they are devoted to beliefs that persuade them to look up «high», forgetting that beneath the mud is where the roots of the flowers hide; without the slimy worms, there would be no honey on the hive. The sweetness of the fig resides on the modesty of the seed, but you care only for a luscious fruit to eat, and forget to plant another tree.
If you can’t rejoice in the universal generosity amongst the «mundane» multiplicity, you may sit here for a thousand years! only to condemn your kind naturality.
Since time immemorial humankind has profited from the amity of the natural creation, alas! this privilege has only led them to destructive temptation. And you are! by being here, segregated, an example of human’s egoistic interpretation, of Life.
The glaring galaxies, the moon’s hue; the harmonious way of the valleys, a lonely cave, you: the same essence through and through.

-Forgive me Sage, I don’t know what else to say.

You expect your beliefs to have special notoriety, and the divinity you have imagined, eternal continuity. But even the brightest sun, in the course of time, becomes no-thing; the wish of humans to perpetuate their legacy, is, of course, an absurdity.

-I see it, dear Sage: instead of mingling with the sceneries of Life, divinity! so stupidly I have tried to find.

Wait! Please don’t leave before guiding my erratic mind.

Just forget about the «divine», and of trying to grasp the infinite; you will never figure out the beauty you have not created. Also, disregard your ideas of love, I rather suggest you to befriend this earthly manifestation.
And please don’t worry! I will not be afar, whenever you want to hear me just shut your eyes, and listen to the singing of the heart.