The abbot, the wanderer

The abbot, who in his most noble intentions admirably embodied the heavenly commit of the redemption of the souls, prostrated himself, as he always did after his morning orisons, before the abbey’s main door.

It seems that his robust penance, still far from consecrating him a martyr, granted him the undeniable prerogative in the primordial matter of that remote yet sacred land: becoming part of the divine court.

He rested before the wooden door for a while prior to feeling, as it happened every day, disheartened; he then prayed: «what has estranged my brothers and sisters so much from the love of god? » Attentively, he scrutinized the day-to-day routine of his compatriots, and though everyone, upon seeing him, revered his holy presence, they stubbornly insisted in perpetuating their mundane lifestyles; at least this was the case, before the benevolent eyes of the abbot.

The profane and worldly behavior of his fellow citizens was a tiresome burden that prevented him from carrying out his spiritual duty; but nothing ever alarmed him so much as contemplating the erratic footsteps of the wanderer that walked in front of the abbey without having honored, not only his presence, but that of the divine dwelling of that remote land.

- Earthly wanderer! Where are you headed so absentminded?

- I am joyously lost between the beauty of this creation, and though my path may seem undecided, harmonic landscapes keep me reminded, that I am with Life, intimately united.

- Don’t you know, heretic soul, that in these landscapes you extol, you will never find the love of god?

- Sir, of that I was unaware. No one has told me, and ask such absurdity I wouldn’t dare. I am not looking, nor I have something to obtain. I feel at ease! I am of this creation; how could I complain?

- How dare you call me «Sir»? I am the abbot! Your spiritual guide, be aware.

- Aware I am of your presence, just as much as I am conscious of this cow with whom I travel and whose company fills me with friendly pleasance. But, why do you deserve more esteem than her? Aren’t you both an expression of the same essence? Nonetheless, abbot, if you delight my heart as much as my friend does, with your spiritual allure, I will deviate my journey, that in your eyes is nothing but impure.

- To delight your worldly heart, I care not! My duty is to convey the word of god.

- You hold divine words, Life holds you and all the words. I prefer to give heed to Her, even if that means being lost.

- Do not be so stubborn wanderer, let me show you the way. Doesn’t your heart search for truth?

- My heart has lost nothing; thus, it has nothing to find. Curiosity, amid the beauty of this universe, is only a game of a troublesome mind. Instead, if you’d like, I welcome you aboard my wandering route; perhaps walking along the wondrous simplicity of this earth, you will finally mute, your quest, and experience the subtle caress of the Absolute.


Deny I cannot
that your rhetoric enthralls,
but is me you attempt to guide?
I am the abbot, a numinous soul!

Oblivious is your path
of the divine goal;
epitomize you do
the delusion of this world.

Desire for heaven, I know not,
all is full of One Love,
that your divine expertise
will never, in my heart, sow.

Now I must go
for worthy I am not
of your holy enclosure.
My being has an eternal date
with life, its creation, its mysteries
and its humble exposure.