The key to Life

(The last of my conversations with Zhuang Zhou)

-Beloved Zhuang Zhou, despite my intention and will, I am still lost! Could you please, at last, tell me what is the key to living?

-Living requires a key, a solution? How ridiculous you are! The Living quality of the universes, which is everywhere, and which sprouts every-thing, would never make such preposterous questions; apparently, only the «living» fears of humans would.

- Zhuang Zhou, please try to understand what I am trying to say… the key to happiness, to finding internal peace.

- Ah! The key to your happy «life»; and how would I know? The stream of creation has always led me; I have never needed keys: Living drags my fulfilled existence.

- I am not referring only to «my» life. I am wondering about the path, the mystery that brings us closer to the harmony of Life, of the universes, of divinity.

-Excuse my heedlessness, but I was not aware that Life had stray from the harmony, of Itself.

-Of course not! Life is complete, absolute.

-And what are you? before your attributed human condition?

-I don’t know… I just know that I am an expression of the universes; a brushstroke of Life.

-So why don’t you talk to the Artist? don’t ask me! I am, just as you are.

-I have tried, but She refuses to answer.

-All She does is to talk to you!

Observe the Life that is in you: your beating heart, your ever-changing body. Go into a forest and discover the ecology of which you are a part of, and that ironically, your human endeavors have separated you from.

Enter a beautiful garden, and maybe there, amid the selfless interplay of in-dependent manifestations, you will find the key that you so ardently think you need.


(Some 20 years later)

Zhuang Zhou, the key, is to stop looking for one.

Many years I dwelled in the purest of gardens (the peach blossom spring) trying to see the harmony of Life; I couldn’t! My mind, avid of a clarifying awareness, eventually waned. When my only option was to be, to exist; when I was too tired to seek, is when suddenly, I appreciated my interbeing co-existing in Life.

In me, I saw the passing cloud, the falling water, and the raising tree; I was too, a sprout of the peach blossom spring! The garden was no longer a product of my mind, it was neither a tool for me to see or to achieve, it was my being itself.

The key, is to let yourself be painted by the Artist, naturally, as She wishes.

When searching:
Isolated, self-centered way.
When Living:
nonchalant, inclusive path;
child’s play.
neither good
nor bad intention.
Living seeks nothing:
a fulfilled manifestation.
Changing tides,
fresh waters;
earth’s remold:
Her song to me.
Mysterious unfold.

Farewell Zhuang Zhou! perhaps we’ll see each other no more. When hearing you speak about Life, Her melody! I hear not.

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