The other job: that of Life

That morning, while on his way to greet his dearest of friends Tao Qian at the world’s hidden utopia, the peach blossom spring, he heard an unfamiliar yet intimate noise that suddenly deviated his, until then, auspicious promenade: it was the laughter of Life…

Dear Mother,
of so much hilarity
what is the cause?

A species in your world,
they squander their existence:
gaining much, losing all!
By the movement of creation,
it seems,
they’re not enthralled.
Their neglection is to me (Life),
a mystery unsolved.

We (all of creation), who live in You,
echo Your example;
the bees, the birds, the skies…
who would dare
Your colors trample?

Wise indeed you are!
Yet their harm from you is not afar.
They are a destructive roar, and
at this rate, the harmony of your planet
will soon be torn apart.
* * *

The roots of the trees, which are the same as those of creation, make their way through the soil, giving all, a majestic donation: flowers.

The flowers, wanting to dance and sing, allure the bees with their pollen, for more colors to appear, at the peach blossom spring.

The clouds, pleased and always desirous of that cheerful display, release their waters so that new roots make their way, flowers and bees can continue to play, and thus, the world’s utopia doesn’t go away.

The sun, after seeing it all, absorbs the water from the roots; purposely! He wouldn’t’, in a thousand years, want to discontinue creation’s choreography.

But they! of that gentle cohesion are not in favor. They strive for morality, order, growth, and love, disregarding Life’s original labor.

They pull out the roots, from the bees snatch the honey; and still, oh how lucky they are! they get to taste the sweetest of fruits. Apparently (but only in their eyes) Life’s cohesion is for their exclusive use. If only, one day, they could be taken to the peach blossom spring. Not yet.

* * *

Dear Mother,
I clearly see what you have spoken:
their ferocity seems to prevail
over the song you have chosen.
There are no longer hints
of the peach blossom spring.

Continue walking
this will end soon.

Though they want to be part of You!

For what?!
To destroy and hoard like fools?
Who works for himself,
refusing to do so for Me (Life),
is as foolish as he
who seeks salvation,
while living in paradise.
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