Where’d you think you were going?

Death is near!
Why so surprised? Why so much fear? The ship of destiny you hoped to steer?! Please. Forget about your triumphs and belongings, your past ends here.

I’ve got cancer: a deadly omen!
Relax, why so much torment? Your body, since the beginning, was nothing but a fleeting moment!

I face mortality!
What took you so long to see? Perhaps you were too afraid to blend with Life’s scenery; thus, you were struck by causality. You came from the Void! but focused only on your transitory form, hence, missed the Totality.

This is so unexpected!
It is only because the essence of Life your walk rejected! The Void, the no-form, the Movement, the Totality: were by you neglected; poor little thing, now you feel so unprotected! But, why so much fear to die? Have you not been proclaiming, since time immemorial, that the prophets are still alive?

I will abandon my people!
Are you really that special? I must tell you: in your world of forms, not even a star is substantial. I already told you! Only the Void is essential.

I got old too soon!
Surely with the laws of Creation you were not in tune. If you would have lived empty, as does the rose, at the right moment you would have bloomed. Yet, don’t worry so much, you’re essentially the Void: of the confinements of time, your Heart is immune.

The sad event of my demise!
How much drama, for when there should be so much peace! If anything, you should be at ease: from the burden of time, seeking, answers, beginnings, and ends, you will be released.

Get up, get up! You don’t have to get on your knees! It suffices to see that your essence will not be missed! You have nowhere to go, nowhere to return, and nowhere else to be; you are of the Void, regardless of what you can, or cannot see.

But I will share a secret: nothing dies, nothing is born, it is just that the ego is oblivious of the playful forms. Colors change, how beautiful! yet you feel forlorn. Life gives you everything! yet you want more. You sound with the universal melody! but you want your own song. Life is the greatest gift! yet you are terrified of being «reborn». It is All a scenery of inclusion, that you denied to adorn.

Don’t worry: your fear will not last long.