I get this question pretty often:

“What are your favorite Sketch plugins?”

So for anyone that missed my previous post here’s my latest list “2019” edition.

Recently some of the best plugins have gone paid too. I’d be curious to know if anyone here has decided to support the creators…

“Adaptable” bottom aligned menus (Left) and Top-Right aligned menu with Anima App

At the moment the only way in Sketch to make an “adaptable” Bottom and Top-Right Pinned Menu using Anima App is to “hack it”. (If you landed here it’s probably because you tried it before and didn’t really work fo you… It was a problem for me too, hence this…

Francesco Bertocci

Design Advocate & Ambassador at Sketch / Product/UX/UI Designer, Prototyper & Founder of Free&Willing https://FreeAndWilling.com/fbmore

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