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Views on the Bashulia’s Constitution

(Drafted in April 26th, revised in May 3rd ,2017)

By FreeBashulia

Flag of Bashulia


Origins of the Bashulia’s Constitution


We have to admit that Bashulia’s feudal traditions and folk customs, such as Local Elders, Brotherhood Organizations had in fact been destroyed by C.C.P terrorists, but with the war of national liberation and the rejuvenation of Bashulia, there will be a lot of people with courage and lofty ideals, such as militia leaders, County and local landlords, patriots, etc. These anti-Communist, anti-Chinese organizations will constitute the cornerstone of a future State. The traditional Chieftain & Headman Institutions of Kangba and Liangshan regions, although severely damaged by terrorist groups, still can be traced, and must be explored, rescued and reconstructed immediately after the reestablishment of the Bashulia State.


Spirit of Bashulia


Bashulia will not be a miniature China with centralized state powers. There are three kinds of most significant Bashulian spirit which should be included in our Declaration of Independence as our constitutional policy:

1、 脫亞入歐。重走當年福澤諭吉帶領皇國諸藩走過的道路。以毅然決然之精神接受希伯来-基督教新教文明传统、希腊-人文主义传统和日耳曼-盎格鲁撒克逊政治传统,與支那文化、歷史、傳統徹底切割,不惜一切代價徹底清算、剷除支那遺毒。

1. Datsuaron(Leaving Asia). Get out of Asia and into Europe, as Mr. Fukuzawa Yukichi led Japan did in 1860s. Our great nation of Bashulia will be based entirely on Judeo-Christian Values, Greek Humanism and Germanic-Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions. We will resolutely cut off all spiritual, historical and cultural ties with China at all costs in times to come.

2、 剿匪建國。可以預見,匪患將是我國很長時期內面臨的最大威脅,必須對一切共產主義組織及其牠相關的恐怖主義組織實施永久性的戰爭權力。巴蜀利亞為剿匪而立國,巴蜀利亞民族因剿匪而誕生。

2. Eradication of Communism. Chinese Communists will remain the most severe threat to us for a long time, therefore a permanent state of war must be declared against all Communist organizations and other terrorist bodies until their undoing. The eradication of Communism is the birthright of the Bashulia Nation.

3、 地方自治。巴蜀利亞立國之根本在於保護地方自治,培育各層次、多形態的共同體發展演化,維護傳統,以地區、城邦、土司領地為主要立法實體,巴蜀利亞聯邦政府僅經由立法機構授權而管理外交、國防事務。聯邦政府對於內政之權限應小於等於目前的美國政府。

3. Local Autonomy. The foundation of the Bashulia State lies in the protection of local self-government, the development of various levels and forms of communities, and the perseverance of our traditions. Regions, City-States, Chieftain Territories act as main legislative entities, the Federal Government of Bashulia have no right to interfere with political matters except Foreign Affairs and National Defense Affairs under the authorization of the legislative institutions. The authority of the Federal Government should not exceed that of the current American Administrative Branch.


After the restoration of Bashulia, there will be no need to go through the trouble of arguing whether the capital should be set in Chengdu or Chongqing. Chengdu, Chongqing and other regional centers will act like New York and Boston as economic hubs, and get to develop taxation, public services, infrastructure policies and economic directions according to their own situations. We can select a convenient, quiet place of low commercial value to be the new capital of Bashulia. Because there is no “Unified Central Government” decision-making bodies in the capital, it will not be favored by commercial organizations. The size of our new capital will not be too large, populated mostly by Federal Government employees as well as personnel providing day-to-day services. If we, the Bashulians, can establish on the fertile soil of Inner Asia a new nation-state not driven by omnipotent political power, its lasting glory and strength will not just benefit the people of Bashulia, but also inspire millions of patriots from various Cathaysian and Inner Asian Nations. A true gospel for the small nations which has long been under Chinese enslavement.


Theoretical Basis


With the shape and structure of our flag, we make it clear that Bashulia’s Zionism Movement will be based solely on Anglo-American Conservatism, that is, Judeo-Christian Values, Greek Humanism and Germanic-Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions. We know nothing can ever compare with these cornerstones. Most notably, We will not adopt at all the Chinese Communists pseudo-theories of “Chinese Characteristics” and “Chinese National Condition”. Bashulia’s Zionism means to thoroughly break off from Asia and embrace Europe, a complete reborn. We are willing to strive for generations to cleanse the hideous influence of the Chinese invaders and sever the Chinese Trojan brain implants, and draw a clear distinction between us and a “Unified China”. If this is not the case, there won’t be any Bashulian Zionism and it’s not worth our effort.


Political Structure


The objective of the restored Bashulia State was to completely overthrow all ideas and policies indoctrinated by the Communist invaders, and to adopt the polar opposite: sectionalism, customary law, full autonomy, and the cultivation of squires.


Political philosophy has to be realized as political designs, the foundation of our Bashulia State must be laid on strong local autonomy. On this basis, we should cultivate, protect and develop autonomous groups, such as commercial corps, civil corps, church bodies, etc. Bashulia traditionally has very deep roots in Protestant churches of the United States & Canada, and Catholic Church of France. We will redeem the church properties and return them to the original owners, and sincerely invite those churches to send missionary groups again, who will have appropriate autonomy, thus continue the great cause which has been interrupted by Red Terrorists for more than half a century.


Bashulia does not have a state religion, and guarantees its people religious freedom. But all Communist-endorsed religious institutions and pro-China religious organizations must be banned promptly, especially the so-called Buddhist Association of China, the Chinese Taoist Association, and the Three Self Church. Personnels of the aforementioned organizations will be predetermined as Communist Party’s United Front undercover agents, and will be deported to China for charges of espionage and instigation, unless proved otherwise during the national liberation war.


Protection and reconstruction of the Rinpoche and Chieftain Traditions in Kangba area, as well as Chieftain and Headman Traditions in Liangshan area. Under the premise of national self-determination, we resist China in solidarity. Bashulia is a nation-state, but the Bashulian Nation is not rallied only by genetic connections. The Bashulian Nation consists of those who choose to live in this land, they may come from different places, speak different languages, have different faiths, but they all cherish this identity and defend the founding spirit of Bashulia. We defend our freedom and independence against Red China and all other terrorist organizations.


Organs of Authority


The President of Bashulia, elected by universal suffrage of eligible citizens, is authorized to call up the County militia and national guard, and command them to fight with the assistance of the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The House of Lords consists of Chieftains, Headmen and the gold & silver medalists of the Terrorist Elimination Championships in the War Against Communism. Members of the House of Commons are selected by states and chiefdoms electoral colleges. Another 10-Member Committee will be established, with the member of which nominated by the President and appointed by the Joint Session of Both Houses, the Committee is authorized to exercise the powers of judicial review, emergent impeachment, and non-Bashulia activities investigation.


Bashulia does not limit the production, circulation and ownership of firearms. States get to enact their own weapons registration policies, and declare a permanent state of war against communists and terrorists. Annual Terrorist Elimination Champions will take part in higher level of competition, until all members of the House of Lords are produced.


Civil Rights


Male and female citizens aged over 18 and eligible to pay property taxes, or those who achieved military merits have the right to vote and to stand for election.


Immigrants and their descendants after the 1950 Communist Invasion of Bashulia can only receive the resident status. Those who lived in Bashulia before 1950, but himself/herself or direct ancestors had participated in the Communist Party (Including United Front organizations), regardless of then status, are only residents. Residents are allowed to do business and to work in Bashulia, and should not be discriminated, but cannot hold public office and are required to pay the Defense Tax.


Aliens may not gain Bashulian citizenships by marriage for themselves, their children, parents and relatives, but can take part in the War Against Communism, accumulate military merits, take the civil examination and get Bashulian citizenship.


Military Systems


The Federation of Bashulia will not maintain a large standing army. In foreseeable future, the War Against Communism will be the norm, therefore a military service system similar to that of Switzerland and Israel is needed. Citizens between 16~60 are subject to military service. Residents may volunteer to join the armed forces, provided they pass the investigation. Before the acquisition of citizenship, residents can only be granted ranks no higher than corporal.


Bashulia’s main armed forces are the National Guard of all autonomous regions (States). In times of peace, Ground National Guard retains only a elite small force, composed mostly by mid-level officers and NCOs. Officers are proficient in modern battlefield management, the science of staff and logistics; The NCOs are masters of weapon operation and reserve personnel training. In times of war, the force serves as a backbone, will be used to reinforce the reserves and thus form a capable ground force. In consideration of the development of modern technology, the Air National Guard needs to keep a well-trained standing staff of a considerable size.




To Inner Asia, the significance of the revival of Bashulia is no less than that of the revival of Ukraine to Europe. A free Bashulia will be enough to stop the Communists, imperialists and terrorists, safeguarding world order and the freedom of Eurasian small nations.


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Bashulia patriot, warrior, brave man, Support and Fighting for Cathaysians independence, and dismember 'China' and build a system of mutual security. 巴蜀利亞愛國者,戰士

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