Libyan Boy Blesses Anyone Who Listens to His Plea for Help for His Town

Facebook Video: Part of the angry march organised by the youth of the Germa area, in southern Libya (Ubari), against the tragic situation in the country generally, and in the south especially. Camera / Jalees Al-Bahr


Man: I am a Libyan citizen from the south. (Officials,) fear God when it comes to the citizens. There’s no electricity, no water, no petrol, no gas.
The cylinder of gas is 85 Libyan dinars. And the petrol…. officials, fear God when it comes to the citizens.

Chant: Even for bread, there is a queue. What a shame, oh, oil-producing country.

Man: Even the chicken is by (بتحويل). The citizen doesn’t want anything. He wants the necessities of life, only. He doesn’t want… take the power and the world, take it. But give them the basic necessities, gas, petrol, subsidies goods. I’m a citizen like these Libyans.

[Quiet, quiet!]

Man: Those sitting at ‘whatchamacallit’, just find a solution for the country. And the (position of power),you can sit in it for a 100 years.

Boy 1: They didn’t finish us with bullets, they’ll finish us with the cold weather.

Boy 2: There’s no power, and the cold…
The exams are difficult, and they reduced the number of subjects. Thanks be to God. And everything…the cold and the power cuts. Thanks be to God.
God willing, we can endure (?) and (?) to the elderly. God willing, everything will return to the country. (?) on the south. The South… God willing, our uprising will be a success.

Boy 3: God willing, we will graduate.

God willing, we will grew up. God willing, we’re all kids, and God willing, they’ll listen to us. God willing, we’ll grow up and lift up our country well.

And God willing, those who are listening to me, my words are true. God bless you, whoever is listening to me. And bring us electricity and water and everything.

Boy 1: And water. And reduce the cost of daily necessities for. Everything is expensive

Boy 2: And we’re fed up from (ملينأ تهوين) God willing, they hear us.

Boy 1: God willing, they hear!!

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