What is the Asian Handicap?

Before we can get to the Asian Handicap, we should probably explain what a handicap is. A handicap is a strategy that makes sporting contests even more exciting to bet on. The lower ranked team, usually the one people consider the underdog in the game is awarded some points. In this way the underdog kind of has a head start over the other team. What this strategy does is give the bettors more possibilities for more profits.

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Despite the fact that one of the teams has a head start, the Asian Handicap is designed in a manner that allows each team equal chances of winning. To a lot of people, the Asian Handicap is complicated. In a real sense this form of betting simplifies betting. This is because the draw option is effectively eliminated from the game. The result is a competitive market.

Instead of having to decide between home, away and draw, a bettor will only need to decide which team will win. Depending on the Asian Handicap a bettor just has to decide the team they will bet on and place the bet.

Why it seems so complicated

The main reason why most people think the Asian Handicap is complicated is because of the fact that it comes in a number of ways. There is the 0.5 Asian Handicap is expressed as 1.95 Team A (-0.5) v Team B (0.5) 1.95. The number on the bracket is the handicap and the other numbers are the odds. This means that Team B will have a ½ head start over Team A. if you bet that Team B will win, you win if they win or if they draw.

There is also the 1 Asian Handicaps. If you choose the 1 handicap section, your team will need to win by at least 2 goals for your bet to win. If your team wins by only one goal, your stake is refunded. If you select the team with the 1 goal head start, your stake will be refunded if you lose by one goal.

The above are just some of the different set-ups of the Asian Handicap. As is clearly evident from the above examples, there are more betting opportunities when using Asian Handicap than most other forms of betting.

The Odds in Handicaps

In handicaps that eliminate the draw option such as the Asian Handicap, bookies will vary in their odds. The advantage they take in terms of the over-round will also vary. So it pays to do adequate research and find a bookie who will give you good odds. In general however, the amounts of profit they take on the Asian Handicap are considerably lower that they would on other bets.

It is estimated that bookies pay out bets between 90% and 100% on Asian Handicap.

Have you placed bets using the Asian Handicap? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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