December 6, Voronezh: picketing in support of Dadin

On December 6, a year after Ildar Dadin’s sentence, a group of human right activists in Voronezh conducted a picketing, demanding freedom for Russian prisoners of conscience — Ildar Dadin and others. As Vladislav Khodakovskiy, one of the picketing organizers, writes in his fb page ( , the action adduced a great attention from the passersby, and a lot of them, after reading the slogans, joined the meeting.

Photos from the fb of Vladislav Khodakovskiy:

Slogans: “Ildar Dadin is being tortured after the breakup of Public monitoring commission”, “Authorities are guilty in corruption and repressions”.

Slogans: “Free Svetlana Chechil!” “Free Mochnatkin”.

Slogan: “The rigged trial of Dadin is a trial over Constitution, conducted by surveillance state”.

Slogans: (under the portraits of E. Vologzheninova, Ildar Dadin, Oleg Sentsov) “Your only guilt is that, in opposition to the authorities, you dares to think and to protest ”, (to the right) “Free Dadin”.