I wish, I could still go Ape shit on Bubbles.

Walking down the road, next to a park, I saw them. Happy as they were, carefree and not reminiscing about what others thought. With their small steps, one at a time, trying to maintain balance as they walked, were a bunch of kids. Mostly aged between 2–4, they were doing what they were best at — playing. It was then that I noticed, one very particular chap running behind some bubbles that his elder sister was blowing. He seemed so interested in this act of running behind those bubbles that I couldn’t help but smile.

Through this continuous progression of life, there is an ever-going demand that we are facing now - to keep up. Keep up with people, keep up with society, keep up with our studies and our jobs. This is slowly depriving us from the things we actually love to do. People have increased the speed of their lives but what has actually happened, is a drastic decrease in that spark that we used to have. The ability to try new things has vanished somewhere. The will to become exuberant has subsided. We have actually “settled down”. This might come out wrong, as the ultimate aim in everyone’s life is to settle down. The very idea to sculpting a good life is based on the fact that eventually you grow mature and settle. This is actually a very thought out concept and a good one but with a flaw that people tend to perceive settling down as loosing the ability to try things.

Being mature is the correct thing to do but it also includes trying new things to grow yourself. A part of bring mature is being able to manage what is going on in your life and at the same time thinking of new things to do. Regarding a recent incident, I met a friend of mine. What I remembered of him from college was a soccer fanatic who would talk abut crazy stuff to do all the time. But this man that I met, was not him. He had changed. He wasn’t talking about that crazy stuff anymore. To some he had become an adult, he had settled down with a job and was planning a life ahead. To me, the death of an independent soul had occurred. He had now been caught in the shackles of the society who considered that there is an age to try new things and eventually you have to do what others are doing.

That is why, when I saw this small, fairly bald and squishy human being running behind bubbles it made me think about what we had evolved into. There was a time when we had the ability to do what we wanted to. We could chase animals, make funny faces and wear what we liked to and how we liked it. There was never this pretence that we had to put on. There was nothing right or wrong, they were just new things. There was no pressure of the society cause we didn’t know what it was at all. This made us happy. Not having a bunch of money, not having a house but the freedom to go ape shit on bubbles.

Sometimes, I wonder I could go in the past and change things, everyone does. But then if I imagine that scenario, I can only think that the 7 year old me knew things better and in a simple way, than the me, right now because back then he was a free thinker. Now, this new version is still trying to be one. So:

“Don’t force the child inside of you to grow up.”

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