Saving Lives by Freeing Our Health Records

It’s incredible to imagine, and even worse to realize — over 400 Americans die every day because they don’t have access to their health records. When patients and their care providers don’t have access to all of the patient’s health information, preventable mistakes happen.

According to the Journal of Patient Safety, as many as 440,000 people die in hospitals each year as the result of preventable medical errors — and a significant portion of those mistakes are directly attributed to the lack of information sharing. This is astounding. It must end.

The people with the least access to data are the patients themselves. If patients have “access,” it’s to a small subset of the available data and it’s still fragmented and scattered across many different organizations. Access is through separate, disconnected patient portals. So herein lies the problem for both patients and their providers: neither have the all the health data when the data could make a life-saving difference.

Patients’ access to their own data, and respecting patients’ wishes regarding who should have access to their data, seem to be afterthoughts. This needs to change. The healthcare industry is perpetuating a backward approach that is costing the country billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives every year. We can fix this problem by exercising our legal right to free our health records.

We all agree that we need a platform that gives every patient the ability to aggregate his or her data from all past and present healthcare providers into a single record, and then make it available to his or her current care team.

Flow Health has built this platform — and we’ve helped to launch the Free Our Health Records movement to make it easy for you to request your medical records and share them with the people who need access in order to deliver the best possible health care to you. We’ve made it FREE for you and for your doctors, so there are no excuses for healthcare providers to withhold your data, or attempt to charge you copy fees that were designed for paper records. Get your records now at Free Our Health Records.

There have been calls for a “day of action” to get 1 million people to request their medical records. We are helping to answer this call by enabling you to get your health records — for free. Our aim is to help break down the industry barriers so that information is available in real time for patients and for those who need it to help save lives.

Please join us and help Free Our Health Records now.

About empowers patients to ask for and receive their health records from as many health care providers as they have. The service is free for patients and for providers. This service is powered by Flow Health, a free, secure network that connects consumers, providers, and payers around lifetime patient records.

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