Weekly Re-Cap of Solar News

Here in our weekly re-caps of the most important news this week, reflecting on solar energy.

Extracted via Solar Impulses Google+ page

Spending a total of 23 days in the air, Solar Impulse 2 managed a round the world trip. In comparison to a Boeing 747’s 101kg emissions per head, it produced 0 emissions during it’s journey. Although it took much longer, this has shown the potential solar can contribute to the aviation industry in the future.

Chernobyl is being considered to be used as a solar farm site. According to the Ukrainian government, 6,000 acres of land has potential for renewable resources. However some parts affected by the disaster are still dangerous and not suitable for agriculture.

Elon Musk’s two separate adventures Solar City and Tesla are merging together. Showing the potential for the two separate products to be done in one trip.

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