Don’t Wait, Create.

Sitting in silence, I searched for the voice of reason. Stagnate in my position I waited for movement, or signs of its arrival. Then that voice I had been looking for spoke.

My blockage had been the fact that I was waiting. Although, I strongly believe there’s a time to wait & stay still, there’s also a time to move. Wait when you’ve done all you can & the control has escaped your hands. Our dreams should tire us in our reality. Our goals are to create something we don’t see in the life given to us.

We are the plugs to this infinite source of power, but we have become so comfortable with using a surge protector to stop us from tapping all the way in, so we wait. We wait on someone else, we wait on contrived media, technology, or elitist to make a move so we can follow. Everyone wants to jump in a moving vehicle but no one wants to work the assembly line.

We are time stained walking memories. What’s your legacy? I use writings & digital creativity to express what I do and don’t see. Life is greater than us, and in all honesty we’re all in a line moving toward death, but that’s not morbid…that is truth.

So in this line you can build monuments on your way to the end so others behind can learn, enjoy, grow, study, & be inspired to do the same making life a better existence or we can just wait until our number is called and leave purposelessly. Tomorrow is an illusion of yesterday, but today is only a temporary reality. Go create.

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