Obama Visits Cuba — But Here Is What The Media is Not Telling You…

While the media gears up to cover the historic visit of President Obama to Cuba, there seems to be one missing mention from the detailed cover stories. Operation Northwoods. It’s quite puzzling to me and has been since I discovered this covert mission, that this CIA proposal flies completely under the radar — slight pun intended. We see where the media is discussing how Obama is the first president to touch Cuban soil in nearly 90 years but how bad did the blood between Cuba & America get?

Well, in 1962 the Department of Defense combined with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in connection with the CIA proposed a false flag mission to have US government operatives commit acts of terrorism against US citizens including HIJACKING a plane & flying it into American facilities (9/11 anyone?) then blame it on the Cubans so they would have the moral and emotional support of the American people to start a war with the Cuba. The plan had many acts of terror enlisted in the layout. They even proposed murdering astronaut John Glenn during his mission to being the first man to orbit the world and using the emotional response for leverage. There are so many things wrong with their desire to do this, and how it was not seen as domestic terrorism and handled in the same way that terrorist are handled today is beyond me. Thankfully, during that time, President John F. Kennedy refused to take part in this operation. Also, in his opposition, he found there were many parties within the government willing to destroy at any cost to advance their agenda. That discovery is believed by many to be the leading cause of his assassination in 1963.

Then just 39 years later an identical circumstance “ironically” took place on September 11, 2001. That event has been the cloud that has continuously hovered over America, used to provoke a fear of “terror” and continue a never-ending war against an invisible enemy. It is of no surprise that the United States media would exclude this information from the headlines as they cover the history of America’s relationship with Cuba. The most unfortunate part about this is, knowledge of this level would awaken much of the American public to dig deeper into the stories fed to them. This is one of the most controversial truths in American history, and most are completely oblivious.

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