Self Acquaintance | V.XXII.MMXI

You know I took the time to introduce myself to me today I left all lies, bullshit, and facades at the door I sat down at a table set in vulnerability and had a date with truth Here I found that I knew very little about myself

I had been defined by all that I wanted and none of what I knew I was known for “keeping it real” OR In other words… Shouting all the flaws I saw in others on top of some pretentious roof top I was a connoisseur in your life, but an amateur in mine.

I thought I could survive on all the knowledge I had I knew what was right, and could tell you all the ways something was wrong But not once did I take the knowledge I fed and mix it with wisdom That concoction was too bitter for my taste

I’d often quickly say “I’m not perfect” But that was just my way of pretending to be aware of me, or “down to earth” I had no clue what my imperfections were Those words were to comfort the masses not correct me

My life was a mess

And all those things and words that had once made me… Had forsaken me, to clean ALL of it up by my lonesome And in that moment… Silence set the tone for thought I began to breakdown I hit the bottom of my self-righteousness. And now the only place left to go from here, was up Each tear was a weight lifted, a barrier broken, a lie revealed

With my wet face I turned to truth and asked… What is real, and how will I know it? Handing me a mirror truth replied… Life is an illusion, and each moment is a dream…everything in life isn’t as real as it seems.

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