The Murder of Alton Sterling

We continue to watch as this country passes black bodies to the morgue like disposable trash. Police officers are not merely servants of the people who protect against social threats, but in communities of color they have become the social threats themselves. By definition, in the communities of people of color the police are terrorist. They are rogue militia sent to maintain order, when there may be no disorder present. They are accusers and volatile aggressors who use the provocation of frustrated blacks as an adrenaline boost.

They continuously fight for dominance over individuals to prove themselves superior to the very people they are supposed to be SERVING and PROTECTING. Then we watch rhetorical debates displayed on mainstream news asking obvious questions like, “is this a true race issue?” I have seen this country declare all out war with less evidence. Yet, decades & centuries of prof that blacks are being terrorized systemically, emotionally, educationally, via healthcare, & by police officers still warrants a well balanced debate.

This writing is not meant to be persuasive not ask, kindly, when or if America will ever value the black man. Instead it is just the need to voice my pissed off frustrations before facing white America in the morning. See, if black cops were killing white men under the same conditions at the same rate blacks are being killed it would be a national outcry. Not national debate. I realize any man who is begging another man, who is equal to them, to be valued…is already positioning himself to remain subservient. We are worthy of speaking our own minds without giving a damn about the offense of another. We do not owe the status quo any filters or disclaimers such as “Not all…” or “It’s not personal…” fuck the political correctness.

No woman who is raped is asked for such diminishing remarks before expressing her trauma. Alton Sterling, though more will surely come flowing in, had no business dying based on the video footage I viewed. At some point, we either have to rebel or detach. Either way, the old MLK “Love is the answer” theory is no longer working in our favor. It’s time for a new direction of response.

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