Veterans For Kaepernick

As the many illogical citizens geared up to reroute the message of Colin Kaepernick to be a disrespect to veterans, the actual heroes showed up for clarification. Just a couple days after Colin Kaepernick faced heavy backlash for his protest of the National Anthem, with much of the country citing the many lives lost for those freedoms — countless United States soldiers came to the rescue with the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick.

Many veterans of all colors and creed spoke on their service being dedicated more to humans and human life than to cloths and songs. For all the false patriotism that arose after Kaepernick’s refusal, many found themselves muted by their own hypocrisy. There is no way, under any logical assertion, that the 49ers quarterback was making a direct attack on those who fight for the country. Now, the interesting part became watching those same easily angered “patriots” become opposers and attackers of the very veterans they initially claimed to defend.

Some veterans were accused of being false accounts, liars, not real heroes and countless other slurs as a means to discredit their allegiance with Kaepernick. Without doubt, it felt refreshing to see our military officials protect not just the rights of Colin but his message as a whole. Some soldiers even went as far as calling out police brutality & thanking Kaepernick for standing for those who do not have the chance to be heard. See some of the highlighted tweets below -

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