What Happens to the Adult?

Through the eyes of us who have seen life we become desensitized to its amazement. It isn’t until the life of a child comes to experience this distinctive existence with their eyes wide open that we can see that in which we take for granted. The joys of a child hearing a song, the excitement of learning thank you or someone taking the time to acknowledge you. The peace of being loved and held, but somewhere down the line we are cursed with adulthood.

We begin to separate ourselves from the gracious & auspicious mentality that fueled our very spirit in childhood. We view ourselves as different from the child not understanding we are an extension of the child. We find the toys of destruction to be more amusing than the pride of sharing. We seek money more than we seek experiences. Children who understand value is in the learning and processing the substances of life fall victim to our conditioning. What happens to the adult? What happens that we accepted the things that took us away from the joyous simplicity of life, and who was it that robbed us of those things? Once we find that thief lets do away with their doctrine of insensitivity.

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Originally published at freethevision.com.