Leggings or Lives: What Drives the News Cycle?
Shannon Watts

Thank you for bringing attention to United Airlines’ sexist policy. I agree with you that in some ways it isn’t important, but in other ways, it is. I don’t think it matters that this so-called rule is only for relatives of employees. How is the average person sitting next to them going to know, anyway? And I don’t think it’s right to ban an entire category of clothing. If they are concerned about clothing being see-through, then just restrict that. Many many leggings are not see-through at all… All the ones I wear are not.

I want to point out that their policy is ableist as well. Some people wear leggings or yoga pants because it’s the only comfortable clothing we can wear. I have a disability, and I rarely fly because planes are not wheelchair accessible and the baggage handlers often break power wheelchairs. But on the rare occasions I do, I have to wear some sort of comfortable, stretchy pants. If I wore something like jeans or dress pants I would be extremely uncomfortable and could even get a pressure sore from seams cutting into me. Other women might need to wear similar clothing because of recent surgeries, chronic pain, an ostomy, etc. By restricting this very popular style of clothing, they are actually discriminating against women with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Some of whom are employees or relatives of employees, too!

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