April 30th, 8:34PM

I know I’m kind of young to be saying this, but I will anyway: Are there any good guys left out there? A few days ago, I was set up by a “friend” with this 17-year old (I’m 16), who she claimed was super sweet and caring. However, she failed to mention that he smokes and drinks, which I HATE with a passion. So when she asked me about it earlier today and I asked why she hadn’t mentioned it, she just said I shouldn’t care because “everyone does it, and if they don’t they live under a rock.” She goes on to tell me, and I quote, “Honestly he’s the only guy who would ever date someone like you.” What is that supposed to mean? That myself, a genuinely good person, is ultimately undateable? According to her, I’m one of a kind (in a bad way. Really bad way.) and I’ll never find anyone who’s somewhat like me (Mind you, I have found a friend who enjoys the same things as me.) I do want to fall in love; but I want it to be with someone I could care about and truly be attracted too. I just can’t do that with a smoker. It’s my biggest turn-off. I want someone who’s kind, smart and funny, who has good morals and is as ambitious as I am. I live in such a small town that everyone is so like-minded, it’s like there’s only three types of people here, and half of them are related. I can’t wait until I go off to university, because I want nothing more then to get away from these people. I need something to look forward too, especially if there are still good, clean-cut guys out there. I need advice.

Feel free to comment, and best wishes.


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