6 How to Reduce Excessive Sweat and Body Odor

6 How to Reduce Excessive Sweat and Body Odor

The cause of body odor according to the medical sphere because of the presence of bacteria or germs even though the percentage is only 1%. These bacteria will break so that it becomes acidic protein that has odor. How to reduce excessive sweating naturally?

Efforts simple yet become a major priority to repel body odor is to bathe at least twice a day. How to reduce excessive sweating underarm?

Reducing food greasy, spicy, and contains a lot of spices are also one of the measures to tackle body odor or underarm odor. Some foods that cause body odor is meat, processed foods and fast food, spices garlic.

Factors Contributing Excess Perspiration

Things you should know in advance are contributing factors. The experts found that the amount of sweat a person could be due to factors issued hormonal imbalances, stress, exercise, eating spicy foods and excessive zeal. There is also an opinion due to hereditary factors.

But clearly, excessive sweating can trigger and cause a person to experience body odor. To fix this, see the following reviews.

How to Reduce Excessive Sweat and Body Odor

Drink plenty of water

Do not feel bored to drink mineral water. Meet the needs of mineral water every day can be beneficial for the body. Besides useful cleanse toxins in the body, mineral water can also prevent your underarm odor.

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Use the right clothes

Wear clothing with cotton so that your skin can ‘breathe’ and can handle excessive perspiration out. Avoid wearing clothes that were hot in the fabric material and may irritate the skin, which in turn can make your body to sweat excessively.

Rub lemon

Lemon juice can help reduce excessive perspiration out. Automatically, it can prevent body odor. Rub one half lemon on your armpits. But if you’re suffering from rashes (itching), then do not follow this advice.

Use deodorant

Deodorant is quite effective in helping reduce body odor. This is because deodorants work by clogging pores that can stop the sweat.

However, you should know that there are chemicals in deodorants can cause side effects such as skin discoloration and irritation.

So if you experience these side effects, immediately discontinue use of deodorant.

Eat healthy foods and lose weight

Being overweight also be one factor in the onset of excessive sweating and body odor. Therefore, if you are overweight, start thinking to lose weight.

You can do this by exercising, diet, and eating healthy foods especially high in fiber.

Visit your doctor

If everything does not go well, consult this matter with your doctor. Doctors can help you to find the cause of excessive sweating in your body.

By doing so, we know also that effective solutions to overcome them.

You can try one of the tips on how to eliminate underarm odor or body odor naturally traditionally above when sweating.

Make sure you do it routinely and regularly. If there are signs of emerging irritation or other skin problems on the part of your armpit, immediately discontinue use of these materials and hurry to consult a dermatologist. That is how to stop body odor.

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