6 Reasons Why You Should Naps

6 Reasons Why You Should Naps — Are you among those who rarely naps? If yes, should from now on you start taking the time for a nap. This is because a nap considered beneficial to health, and some studies have proved it.

6 Reasons Why You Should Naps

If you say does not have a chance to take a nap because you are an employee in an office, then it is not unreasonable. You even only need to take at least 10 minutes to take a nap and get benefits.

This of course can be done in off hours and you still have time approximately 40–50 minutes before returning to work.

Benefits nap

Increasing the concentration

A study from NASA show that the pilot has a level of concentration and focus are higher when they take the time to nap for 40 minutes.

Improving the performance of the brain

The quality of a good nap, is associated with better cognitive function. This suggests that napping can give positive benefits on the brain. About a 90-minute nap can reduce fatigue assessed psychologically.

According to an Australian study, nap can improve brain power. Facts show if the brain’s performance remains high in people who took the time to take a nap than those who do not have time to sleep during the day.

Enhancing creativity

Experts have examined why most people tend to gain inspiration after a nap. They eventually learned that the brain activity in the right hemisphere associated with creativity.

One study also found that daytime sleep quality will encourage someone to do better in handling issues related to creativity.

Increase productivity

Experts agree that a nap can encourage people to be more productive. Therefore, a nap is not necessarily impressive laziness.

Nap in a short time can be ‘wake-up’ back level employee productivity, and even much more potent than the cup of coffee.

Enhance the spirit

Naps although briefly known to improve mood. If you feel tired, too late, and not excited, then you should take a nap to reignite the embers of your spirit.

Relieve Stress

Napping is a pretty effective way to relieve stress. A study in 2007 even shows if a nap in a short time can give a great calming effect.

After the nap, the mind will feel fresh, be calm, and life will feel lighter living.

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