8 Tips To Remove Sense Sleepiness Current Working Hours

8 Tips To Remove Sense Sleepiness Current Working Hours

An example is in the office. While working hours or when an important meeting, drowsiness may strike you, automatically it will affect your performance.

In the US, 1 in 10 employees admitted to having fallen asleep during working hours. It is based on a survey there.

Obviously this is very embarrassing if you get caught sleeping in during working hours, especially when there is a very important meeting.

As an employee you are required to be highly concentrated in the office, especially if your profession with regard to things that are required to be focused as a driver, air traffic controllers, doctors, and so on.

Because, if you get out of focus due to sleepiness comes, the consequences would be fatal for others.

But for those of you who often hit drowsiness do not need to worry, because there are a few tips to eliminate drowsiness that attack you.

8 Tips To Eliminate Sense Sleepiness Currently Working Hours

Consumption of Caffeine

Drink beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, tea, or drinks can increase adrenaline production.

In addition, caffeine can also inhibit drowsiness-causing chemicals. However, should the proper dosage and not excessive.

Experts recommend to consume no more than 200mg of caffeine per day or the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee.


Search for a snack as your friend while at work. Obviously looking for a healthy snack, low in calories.

Snacking included as “medicine” to expel sleepiness. Snacks that have high protein can stimulate orexin cells in the brain which sends electrical impulses.

This would make a person stay awake and alert. But so contrary to the snack containing carbohydrates, because snack like this would make us easy sleepy because it can increase and decrease blood sugar levels very quickly.


Sitting with a long time can cause drowsiness. If your job requires you to sit on and dealing with computers, you should do a bit of a stretch at a time or walking for a while so that the blood flow back smoothly.

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Listen to music

Listening to music can restore mood and restore your concentration level when drowsiness whack. It is also in accordance with the results of a study in Taiwan found that people tend to have high levels of concentration while listening to music while before the exam.

Inhaling a particular scent

Try inhaling certain scents because it is considered effective enough to restore your power of concentration.

Scents such as cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, and peppermint effective enough to make the eyes remain “on”.

Sunlight enough

Someone who is less exposed to sunlight exposure is likely to be attacked drowsiness. Keep the room / workplace you get sufficient sunlight to avoid drowsiness while working.

Sports and Simply Sleep

Exercise such as jogging or running in the morning before work, can make the body more refreshed and fit, so you will feel excited during the move.

Get plenty of sleep and avoid the name stay up, so it will minimize the risk of drowsiness strike during working hours.

Consult a physician

It could be that you experience sleepiness is a sign of health problems to yourself such as sleep apnea or anemia. Therefore haste to consult a doctor regarding the complaints that you experienced.

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