Study: Extract Grape Seed Able Against Cancer

Study: Extract Grape Seed Able Against Cancer — A new study published in the medical journal PLoS One, showed for the first time that grape seed extract is a great supplement that can fight against cancer, particularly to help the effectiveness of chemotherapy in killing cancer cells colorectal (colon). In addition, grape seed extract can help reduce the painful side effects of chemotherapy. Is grape seed extract can fight colon cancer?

Grape Seed Extract For Colon Cancer Treatment

The researchers said the addition of grape seed extract to chemotherapy is a new approach for the treatment of colon cancer (bowel cancer), helps increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduce damage to the intestine.

The next step is to conduct further research to determine whether grape seed extract is also able to work well against other types of cancer, as well as search for answers why grape seed has a tremendous ability to help fight colon cancer.

“This is the first study that shows that grape seed extract may increase the potential for one of the main chemotherapy drugs in its action against the cells of colon cancer,” Dr. Cheah revealed. Colorectal cancer (colon) is the second highest cancer killer in the United States after lung cancer.

According to Dr. Amy Cheah, a researcher at the agricultural school of medicine, at the University of Adelaide, Australia, Grape seed extract is rich in vitamin E, flavonoids, and powerful nutrient called linoleic acid has no side effects.

In addition, grape seed extract contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and can improve cardiovascular health.

A chemotherapy drug that is most commonly used to fight colorectal cancer is 5-fluorouracil, commonly known as 5-FU and marketed in the US under various brand names including Adrucil.

According to researchers gastrointestinal (digestive) Dr. Gordon Howarth, “Grape seed extract shows great potential as an anti-inflammatory treatment for a variety of intestinal diseases and now may be applied as an anti-cancer treatment.”

Research conducted in Australia found that grape seed extract caused a decline of 55 percent in the chemotherapy-induced inflammation and an increase of 26 percent in the ability of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells.

In addition, the researchers found no adverse effects in healthy colon tissue from the use of grape seed extract in high concentrations.

Conclusion team, as reported in PLoS One: “Grape seed extract may be a new therapeutic option to reduce the symptoms of intestinal mucositis [inflammation and ulceration] at the same time have an impact on the survival of cells of colon cancer.”

There is ongoing research to determine whether grape seed extract may prevent cancer in addition to help treat it. So far, these studies have been inconclusive.

Although grape seed extract is quite new in the US, but the grape seeds have been used for years in Europe to treat a number of diseases.

Research has shown that grape seed extract beneficial for some heart conditions, including high cholesterol.

This supplement has also been used to treat chronic venous insufficiency (poor circulation) and eye diseases associated with diabetes.

But keep in mind is that grape seed extract may interact with some blood thinners and painkillers NSAIDs such as aspirin, Advil, and Aleve, so consult with your doctor before taking them.

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Originally published at on November 6, 2015.