What are the things you need to keep ready before going live

You might have heard about the Freedocast device that lets you broadcast your events live on different platforms all round the world. Be it private events like your birthday bash, wedding, corporate meetings etc., or public one like school reunion, college get together, etc., this device lets you broadcast the event live to the target audience all over the world.

Go Live with Freedocast

The target audience can be your family, colleagues or general public, Freedocast lets you reach them in a simple, efficient and an affordable way. All you need to do is connect your Freedocast device to your Recording device and select the options where you want to broadcast.

Since we already covered how to broadcast in our previous articles, let us know about the things you need to keep ready before going live.


When it comes to equipment that is necessary, you should have a 720p, 1080p or any other higher version of camera ready. Any lower version might not be a good choice as the video can turn out grainy which makes the audience lose their interest at the first sight.

Positioning of Tripods and Cranes

The position of the camera makes a lot of impact on the quality of the video. The camera should be placed such that it does not obstruct the audience’s view and should be able to cover the stage in a decent manner. The necessary angles and the zooms must be selected accordingly beforehand since it can cause a problem at the time of event and any such occurrences or view obstruction can cause your view count to decline.

Audio equipment

The major device necessary to achieve the sound clarity is the microphone. A single microphone splits the signal between the speakers and the broadcasting device. While this can achieve the required amount of clarity, the better option would be to use multiple microphones which can effectively deliver the sound as you want.


Depending on the size of your event and the amount of audience you want to reach, the mixing and studio equipment would be prerequisite. If the event is small and there is only one microphone and one camera, mixing equipment might not be essential. But when there are multiple recording devices, in order to switch from one camera to another or one microphone to another without hassle, a studio and mixing equipment definitely comes in handy.

Keep these things in mind and when you are ready with everything, go live with the Freedocast device and reach your target audience successfully.