Has Travel Become Another Exercise in Narcissism?
Henry Wismayer

Life is simple, lets enjoy the moment

It a very well written article, but wrong generalisation. Why would you assume that its a narcissistic excercise for everyone? Ofcourse we love to boost our egos and there is a little bit of truth in what you say (which isnt new either), but each individual has something in it for himself/herself. As long as it makes them happy without hurting others, why bother analyzing or criticising? When I travelled alone in my own country (India) after quitting my job, I foun the experience to be impacting me as an individual. I could feel that I was breaking my own borders and getting out of my comfort zone, which would have never happened if not for that journey. It was unplanned (no maps or mobile too) and I had all the time in my hand. The number of new friends I earned and the experience gained by their stories will come with me until my deathbed. If the travell is going to be part of your bucket list, its a shame, but even if that makes someone happy, ive got absolutely no complaints at all. Life is simple, lets have fun and not complicate it too much. Happy travelling!

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