A Brief Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to pick up on, figure out, and control both our emotions and those of others.

According to Dr. John D. Mayer and Dr. Peter Salovey, two psychology professors at the forefront of emotional intelligence research, there are four main factors that contribute to emotional intelligence.

These factors are:

Perceiving emotions: Identifying your feelings and those of others.

Reasoning with emotions: Using emotions to help decide what to pay attention and respond to.

Understanding emotions: Decoding your emotions and those of others to figure out what caused them and what they could mean.

Managing emotions: Keeping your emotions in check and reacting appropriately to those of others.

People with high emotional intelligence can perceive, think about, understand, and manage their emotions even in stressful situations.

Do you think you have a high degree of emotional intelligence? Why or why not?