Top 26 Ruby on Rails Resources for 2017

There are more than two million websites developed using Ruby on Rails according to SimilarTech. In comparison to other programming languages, Ruby on Rails is easy to read, elegant and clean. As an open-source framework, it offers developers the flexibility to add new features without any hassle.

There are thousands of resources out there on Ruby on Rails. We read through thousands of articles and carefully picked top resources to be shared here.

Let’s move on to the top 26 resources to learn and enhance Ruby on Rails web and application framework.

1. What Are the Benefits of Ruby on Rails? After Two Decades of Programming, I use Rails

The author shares his experience in using Ruby on Rails and why developers should utilize the programming language.

2. Getting Started with Rails

A good guide for beginners to understand the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails.

3. 13 Things You Need to Know About Ruby on Rails

There are few things you should know before jumping into Ruby on Rails. Check it out in this article.

4. 10 Ruby on Rails Books You Must Have on Your Bookshelf

Nothing is as good as having books on something you want to learn. If you’re getting started, make sure to check out these books.

5. 10 Reasons Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails

If you’re new to programming, Ruby on Rails should be your ideal choice. Check out the reasons.

6. What If I Told You That Ruby on Rails is Scalable?

Some developers often have a misconception on Ruby on Rails have scalability issues. Learn how to overcome the scalability problems.

7. Creating Static Pages with Ruby on Rails

Learn how to create static pages without any dynamic information with Ruby in Rails.

8. Should I Learn Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is essential for beginners looking to develop their own beautiful and functional websites and applications. Learn why you should learn this programming language.

9. Why You Should Build Your Web Startup Using Ruby on Rails

Learn why Ruby on Rails should be your ideal choice in building web startups.

10. How to Build a CMS in Ruby on Rails

Are you a fan of CMS (Content Management System)? If yes, you should take a look at this step-by-step guide in developing a CMS from scratch.

11. Pros and Cons of Ruby on Rails

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Ruby on Rails for website and application development purpose. I’m sure the advantages are far superior than the disadvantages.

12. How I Learned Enough Ruby on Rails in 12 Weeks to Launch Freelancify

James Fend shares his experience in learning Ruby on Rails which helped him launch Freelancify just within 12 weeks.

13. Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners

Want to get your hands dirty with Ruby and Rails coding? Start with these exceptional beginner tutorials.

14. Building a Reddit-like commenting system with Ruby on Rails

Are you an avid Reddit follower? If you are, I’m sure you’re fond of their commenting system. Learn how to build a Reddit-like commenting system with Ruby today.

15. 13 Best Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners

Looking for more and more tutorials on Ruby on Rails. Check out these top tutorials for beginners.

16. 12 Best Ruby on Rails Development Tools

There are hundreds of tools for Ruby on Rails Development. But these 12 tools are the top ones.

17. Learn Ruby on Rails: Best YouTubers to Follow

Do you learn things quickly with video tutorials? Then you should follow some of these Ruby on Rails Developers on YouTube.

18. Become a Heroku Rails Ninja: Expert Level Deployment Tools

Save your time in learning Ruby on Rails with this beginner course on Udemy.

19. Top 10 Common Mistakes That Rails Developers Make

Make sure to take a look at the most common mistakes done by Ruby on Rails developers. You should avoid these mistakes.

20. 37 Sites You Love Built with Ruby on Rails

There are so many websites built with Ruby on Rails. But the sites on this article might surprise you.

21. 7 Must-Reads About JavaScript with Ruby on Rails

JavaScript is used along with Ruby on Rails. Learn how JavaScript works with Ruby on Rails and how you can take advantage of it.

22. Top Ruby on Rails Developers to Follow

When you want to be good at something, you should follow the ones already doing well in it. If you want to learn Ruby on Rails, you should follow these top developers.

23. 7 Sites to Find Remote Ruby on Rails Jobs

You can easily work remotely if you’re a developer. Find Ruby on Rails remote jobs on these sites. Don’t forget though!

24. How to Land a Rails Job with No Experience

The author landed a Rails job without any prior experience. Just copy his method and land your first Rails job.

25. 45 Ruby on Rails Blog You Should Bookmark

With the huge increase for Ruby on Rails developers, you should read these blogs to stay updated with the current trends.

26. 6 Best Ruby on Rails Content Management System

Save your time building your own Ruby on Rails CMS and utilize these six Content Management System.

Ruby on Rails is one of the best programming languages for website and application development. The flexibility in this framework allows you to make personalized customizations.

Do you have any other resources on Ruby on Rails? Please share them with us by commenting below.

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