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Freelanex – The next big thing in Gig - Blockchain technology

Today’s technology development is offering a huge space for projects to step out and change the way we are living our lives on much more simplier and effective way.
In this modern world where everyone is connected online and when they can reach every angle of the Earth in just few seconds, the way how people are working
is also changing.
We in Freelanex team, saw this amazing opportunity and in combination with Blockchain technology, we are creating platform which will focus on freelancers and transparency of their work.
We are striving to empower freelancers by connecting them to job opportunities in a trusted and transparent environment where they will not be able to get scammed or not get payed for their hard work.

Now we will share some information about how Blockchain is going to add value to the freelance environment:

• Automatically Executed Contract Terms by Smart Contract

• Payment Guarantees

• KYC (Know-Your-Customer)

• Built-in Features and Standards Automatically Applied to Every Contract

• Safety Ensured by The Immutable Legal Conditions

• Hyperledger to Maintain all Events and Records

• Verifying Data from Both Sides in Order to Complete a Transaction

• Terms and Conditions Implemented in every Transaction by a Smart Contract

• Unique identity of each User Encrypted on the Blockchain

Freelanex will concentrate on everything we mentioned above and uphold all Blockchain technology values by:

1. Ensuring a High Level of Technical Readiness to Support Users

2. Securing Audits of Smart Contracts by the Development Team

3. Continuously Improving the System for Efficiency and Flexibility.

Also will be a continuously evolving platform with a strong basis and great efforts will be invested in it to make its design completely foolproof, trustworthy and efficient to answer all freelancers needs in this modern world.

Next week Freelanex will start to raise funds by Initial Exchange Offering and in the next article we will share more details about it.

We hope you will become part of our successful journey and support us.


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