Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger Project, Update 2 with guests Daniel Pineda, Apptrade and more

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Enjoy this video presentation of Ronny Boesing of OpenLedger with guest Daniel Pineda. Ronny sets the table of the OpenLedger Eco-System and Daniel Pineda describes the Apptrade Project and other item…

Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger Project, Update 2 with guests Daniel Pineda, Apptrade and more

Dear OpenLedger/CCEDK Supporter,

Anyone participating with a sponsorship of minimum 0,1 BTC receives their tokens with a multiplier of 1,50, meaning ALL early bird sponsors will have a 50% extra tokens added at the time of distribution.
 NB! 500 000 tokens made avilable for this promotion only.

  • + 1 OBITS.WARRANT for every USD value spent.

Anyone already invested will have same 50% bonus tokens added, no matter the amount paid.
 A special offer for those who wish to buy-in early. When buying early, sponsors get added benefits not available during the official (ITO Initial Coin Offering).
 The buy-in early price is based on the stage 1 ITO starting rate of 0.75 USD per master token APPX, starting on February 28th. Sign up here leaving your e-mail to be notified when it starts.
 Special BONUS offer
 OBITS.WARRANT is offered to all sponsors participating in the ITO up until first 5 million USD funded only, as an added future benefit. This warrant will alllow you to buy the official token of OpenLedger at any given time in 2017 at the fixed price of 1 OBITS.WARRANT = 0,16 USD per OBITS.



Goal: $2 Million USD with a Minimun Treshold: $1 Million USD with a $5 MILLION USD CAP meaning first round of master token crowd sale will end at this point. It is an estimated total amount of 8.250.000 tokens.

Totally 100 million tokens is estimated to be issued within first year with 8,25 million first round, 21,75 million second round and remaining 70 million in third round involving private and institutional investors all receiving their future value in the form of the master token APPX, initially distributed as the token WARRANT.APPX

A total of 1 billion tokens is expected issued over the period of 10 years.

All prices per APPX token will never be less than the highest price incl. discounts offered during the first round of the Master Token ITO.

Funds raised from APPX token revenue is for platform development and business administration. App portfolios will raise the majority of their funds with their own token reserves.


If the minimum amount of $1 million USD is not raised, then all funds will be returned. The fundraising will be capped at $5 million USD. The exact amount will be determined at the end of this first round of master token sale.


All APPX coins will be tradeable one year after the first day the ITO concludes. As mentioned 100 million APPX coins will be made available for purchase within the first year.

The master tokens will be dropped on the accounts one year after the launch of the platform. The APPX tokens would be “dropped” onto all account holders of the temporary token called WARRANT.APPX. This includes distributing revenues, paid in bitcoin (listed as the asset OPEN.BTC on OpenLedger), that may have accrued leading up to the first token drop. Dividends will be paid quarterly thereafter in bitcoin as well. All activities related to the master token is handled by Danish OpenLedger ApS acting as custodian for the tokens as well as all revenues and dividend payouts.

Each stage is a goal and those that contribute within these stages get special bonuses. A temporary token called WARRANT.APPX will be sent to every participant on the first day of Stage 2, which will be the time also that the project will have reached its minimum goal of 1 million USD.


Apptrade LLC and OpenLedger ApS Relationship
 With regards to the APPX master token crowdsale and future rounds of funding, OpenLedger ApS is the beneficiary of all funds, and will be releasing funds to their Apptrade project according to set milestones in accordance with platform user growth and total portfolio valuation Part of the early milestones is to create company in Denmark by the name OpenLedger’s Apptrade ApS with the main shareholder being AppTrade LLC and a smaller part being OpenLedger ApS to be the official entity for all future Apptrade operations. All future revenues and dividends related to these portfolios will be distributed to the master token holders by OpenLedger ApS in cooperation with Openledgers’ Apptrade ApS.
 The master token APPX is an easy way to support Apptrade’s initial push. You do not need to have technical, financial, or analytical knowledge or skills. All you need is your own account on OpenLedger to store your purchased APP, where you can monitor any value changes of the token.

Welcome to the “kickstarter of the blockchain, the OpenLedger’s Apptrade “stockmarket of apps”

You can create your own account and start off small and get the hang of Withdrawing and Depositing to your account with small amounts…

Open your free OpenLedger account now
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Edward Freeman Reidhead

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