Right Wing Dove Squad: How Trash Doves Became The Symbol of The Alt Right

Quincy Frey
9 min readFeb 13, 2017


This article has been updated and all copyright images of Trash Doves taken out as per request of the creator. The post will now have less images in place and CENSOR ALL TRASH DOVE pictures that are the work on the original artist.

The Allegorical Hate Propaganda

If you’ve been an observer of the shenanigans of the Alt Right and their hateful Nazi propaganda, then you must have heard of Pepe the Frog.

Pepe is a truly disgusting frog which has been used as a symbol to spread hate online and harass journalists and those that disagree with the Alt Right(Reich)*sic.

“Meme Magick”

Most recently, these Nazis have attempted to use this symbol to “meme Marine Le Pen into office”, similar to the way they harnessed “Meme Magick” to elect Donald Trump in 2016.

The Hacker Known as 4 chan

Anyway, that was a quick rundown on the history of the Alt Right and their hateful propaganda.

So, What About The Trash Doves?

The Trash Doves have become a new symbol of hate for the Alt Reich Hitler worshipers. The Trash doves appeared as a “normie meme” near the end of January 2017, but by early February, the Alt Right had managed to take the bird back from the normies.

A quick historical rundown from Know Your Meme:


Trash Doves is a set of Facebook stickers featuring a large-eyed purple pigeon in various situations, the most notable of which is an animated sprite of the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down. Shortly after its debut on Facebook in January 2016, the purple dove sticker set quickly became a viral subject of photoshopped parodies and image macros on the social media.


Florida artist and Adobe creative resident Syd Weller’s “Trash Doves” sticker set officially made its Facebook debut[1][2] on January 31st, 2017, which included an animated emoji of a headbanging pigeon (shown below).

As early as on February 7th, the sticker suddenly went viral in Thailand, beginning with a music video posted on the Facebook page สัตว์โลกอมตีน[4] (Animals With Paws), where it garnered more than 3.7 million views within five days.”

Where the fun stops

Anyway, that’s where the fun stops. On February 11th, the Hacker known as 4chan got his hands on the meme and teamed up with the forces of the Alt Right and they perverted this meme, turning it into a hate symbol:

Their madness doesn’t end, I could post thousands of these from my time spent deep undercover in these hate groups.

The Sticker War

The Alt Righters teamed up on the early morning hours of February 13th and began to flock to liberal pages like CNN and post the Facebook stickers of these hateful birds.

Some rumors say that they are trying to block free speech of those whom’st they don’t agree with by creating chaos and madness with “cute purple birds”, otherwise looking non suspicious to the average observer.

But, as a dedicated undercover Meme War investigative journalist, I can tell you this; these birds are far from “cute”. They are a hate symbol and need to be recognized as such, immediately!

They are flooding the comment section and not allowing ideas to be properly expressed.

Sic dove being spread on CNN, Image removed as per request of creator

Deep Undercover Investigative Journalism

My deep undercover investigative journalism has led me to a comment posted on a thread about Hitler on another thread about Kek taking the bog pill while Baneposting and praising Horus and Thoth on 4chan and the relevance to the hateful Hitler bird.

“CNN has disabled all comments on their Facebook page. Occupy Democrats has disabled all image posting.

The opening salvo of Meme War II has been a resounding success. Congratulations, goys and girls, we’re reaching unheard of levels of tactical memetic warfare.


edit: apparently CNN has their comments on again. It definitely was not working earlier today, though. Hard to say if they just fucked something up or did it purposely.

edit 2, the Editening: Now getting reports that STICKERS are disabled on many CNN posts. I didn’t even know they could do that.”

The “Editening”? more like the sickening, amirite?

The Trump link

Of course they had to “Make Trash Dove Great Again” too right? Their sickness knows no bounds.

‘Art of the Trash Dove’

The Hero That Saved Free Speech

What first alerted me to this awful bird of hate was this hero that shared this awesome post of awareness about the evil and wickedness of Trash Dove. Without this post by the true patriot and hero Tommy J Efferson, this article today would not be possible.


This is the new “low key” symbol of racism that the Alt-Right is Using.

Any sort of “purple pigeon” or as the Nazis are calling it “trash dove” is their new attempt to speak in code online whilst still transmitting racism.

(Most times the swastika symbol won’t be present. It’ll just be a purple pigeon.)

Just wanted to make everyone aware


Hitler Propaganda Poster With Dove


The emphasis in these posters was not deep visual symbolism — this wouldn’t have been often picked up on by the masses. Instead, the posters contained short, pithy sayings, or oratorical prose. Goebbels and Hitler both claimed that propaganda was a great art, and to communicate effectively a united message to the masses was the goal. No deep thinking or heavy symbology would be as effective. Hitler wanted an unthinking mass of Germans, united in attitude, to avoid dissent and confusion. As he said in Mein Kampf, “All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level has to be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to.”

The Frog God & The Bird God

The Alt Right is known to have ties to the ancient Egyptian Gods. They are said to harness memetic abilities that can “shitpost” ancient Egyptian Gods into reality.

It started with the worship of Pepe manifesting into the God known as Kek.

Now we have Peck, but, Peck is simply the name of the messenger and not the messiah. Peck is the “Pepe” of the Bird God.

We are not sure which Egyptian God the Alt Right is trying with Peck at this moment. Insider sources believe it may be Thoth or Horus.

The story is still fresh and breaking, we will be watching these sickos and covering their madness with these Trash Doves of Hitler.

Don’t Be The Guy/Girl Spreading this hate:

There are harmless versions of the meme and it has been spread to us normal folk too, I admit, I fell for the meme of the “cute birds” when they appeared.

But, once I saw the post informing me about the true meaning and realized the Hitler worship that goes into this meme, I was sickened and had to go repent.

Update 1: The Meaning of The Stickers:

What each Trash Dove Sticker Represents: A Lesson in Nazi Symbolism

Zack Normandin commented on this post to with a link to a site that gives a rough breakdown of what the stickers mean. It is quite disturbing stuff as you will read below.

Via keklel.org:

“There are 24 Trash Dove stickers on Facebook and you’re able to use them in messages as well as comments. If you are currently uneducated on the true meaning behind the Trash Dove, we recommend you read our post about how Trash Dove stickers now belong to modern-day white supremacists and the alt-right.

Each of the 24 stickers has it’s own unique meaning according to the alt-right community. After thorough investigation on the reality of this ordeal, we have a valid description for each individual sticker. Remember that the one eye always represents the Eye of Horus.

Birthday Dove

The Birthday Dove is praising April 20th which is Hitler’s birthday. This sticker is mainly used in the month of April to give thanks to Adolf Hitler and a general salute to the Nazi Party.

Pizza Dove

The Pizza Dove represents a food offering to a fellow soldier in the future Nazi Regime.The 4 pieces of Pepperoni once again represent the month of April.

Bowing Dove

As you can see, the Bowing Dove is simply worshiping the Nazi Ideologies and plans that are soon to come. This is an important piece of material as it will be used more often in the coming months.

Dove on a Roll

This Dove is “on a roll” which depicts a bread roll. This is a piece of blasphame against God. The bread represents Jesus and the bird represents the Nazi Party “on a roll” which means it won’t stop.

Love Dove

The Love Dove represents one’s love for white supremacy and hatred of other races. Very self-explanatory.

Crumby Day Dove

The “crumbs” represent the ashes of the Jews who were incinerated. The rain represents the falling of the Nazi Party. One of the saddest Trash Dove stickers and is rarely used.

Questionable Dove

This Dove is looking for something. Could it be the answer to the Jewish Question?

Detective Dove

This Dove is a detective. He is searching for remaining Jews to burn.

Kissing Dove

This Dove is kissing an unknown white Dove which is thought to be the Caucasian race.

Crying Eye of Horus

This sticker represents the Eye of Horus raining down on those who disobey.

Bread-Loving Dove

This Dove loves bread. In this case, the bread is code for murdering Jews.

Dead Dove

This Dove is used to represent the current state of the Nazi Party. It is mainly dead but will soon be resurrected.

Breadwinner Dove

This Dove is a “breadwinner” which means 2 things. It means that it has destroyed the Jews and it also means that it desires to take the place of God.

Loaf Dove

This Dove is “Loafin’ Around” which means to consume the blood of the Jews. It’s basically the same as “Breadwinner Dove” in a sense.

Intoxicated Dove

This Dove is heavily intoxicated with power over the Jewish people as well as all other races.

Casual Business Dove

This Dove is acting as casual as possible. Just like most alt-rights these days, they all dress and act normally with a sense of innocence until the Nazi Party is resurrected. What Business does this Dove have?

Donut Hole Dove

This Dove has it’s head through a donut hole. This is representing the Invasion of Poland in 1939.

Prime Dove

This Dove is in full-attack mode. This Dove is ready to kill anybody of any race and should only be used when situations get out of hand.

Wet Dove

This Dove is wearing boots and a hat while standing in a puddle. The boots and hat represent the power of the Nazi Party while the puddle represents the falling of the party long ago. This is symbolic for rebirth or resurrection.

Smartphone Dove

This Dove is using a Smartphone. Smartphones are currently being used to develop the Fourth Reich. This Dove is probably posting to Facebook or 4Chan about future plans.

Floppy Dove

Probably the biggest weapon that neo-nazis and the alt-right have. This Dove is constantly performing an advanced Nazi salute that never stops. This is used to flood post comments to announce the development of the Fourth Reich.

King Bowl Dove

This Dove is using a bread bowl as a hat and as a habitat. In this case, the bird represents the Fourth Reich and the bread bowl represents Facebook which is created by Mark Zuckerberg, a Jewish man.

Drinking Tears and Blood Dove

This Dove is drinking the tears of the leftists and the blood of the Jews.

French Dove

If you noticed at all, this Dove has a mustache similar to Adolf Hitler’s mustache. This Bird has a decapitated Jewish Boy in his hand which is represented by a loaf of French Bread.”

Absolutely sic!

We will continue to update this article as more info comes in.

Quincy Frey is an author, philosopher, scientist, musician and investigative meme war journalist that graduated with a PHD from the University of LMGTFY.