“The only thing that defines a girl is her virginity.” they said.

As a Moroccan Muslim girl , I was raised to be polite , uncomplicated , patient but most importantly a VIRGIN . Otherwise I will not find a proper husband and have a long lasting marriage , because that’s why ignorant men get married , only to fuck a virgin . I was taught that nothing is more important than my hymen . The sad part is that I believed them , don’t blame me , I mean who wouldn’t believe them after seeing how panicked and nervous they were while waiting all night just to see the bride exposing a tissue which has blood on it . I remember that everyone seemed pleased in a strange way and the bride’s parents were so proud like they achieved their ultimate goal in life . Such a loss , they mistreated the definition and the value of both virginity and marriage.

“ Good girls keep it for their husbands .” they said .

It’s 2017 and they are still feeding us lies and hypocrisy. A girl should never be seen with a male whether he was a boyfriend, a neighbor, a co-worker , or just a friend . The father who has more than five female friends together with his beloved son who has more than three girlfriends will hit the girl if she got caught with a guy . They can even kill her if she lost her virginity to someone . The boy , on the other hand can even receive gifts for losing his virginity. According to the family , the boy isn’t just a boy anymore , he is a man , an active beast . Consequently he joins the father to show off their fake masculinity . Their scary threatening strategy pushes the girl to pretend , lie , and hide well before getting intimate with a boy . So basically the girl uses her whole body to satisfy her and her partner’s desires but always make sure to not lose her virginity, So she ends up an hypocrite instead of being true to herself , because being true to herself may cost her life .

Why are the rules always different for women?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we lived in a world where females are the ones who decide to keep or lose their virginity ? Wouldn’t be relieving if people got married for the right purpose? Wouldn’t it better if people considered losing it a choice rather than a mistake ? Wouldn’t be amazing if everyone agreed that virginty isn’t only about that fleshy tissue ? In fact it is a state of inexperience , which means if someone had anal or oral sex , he or she is not a virgin anymore .

I am a female and I am proudly the opposite of what they raised me to be . I speak my mind , rarely politely. I will not stick next to my dear husband when he will treat me bad whether it was using violence or cheating . And thanks to our damaged society I lost faith in marriage , so why keeping my virginity for an imaginary event ? Let’s just say that I made efforts into discovering myself , and during that journey I discovered that I am demisexual which means having sex is an available option but only with tons of real emotions . I realised I am more than just a vestigial tissue . There are a lot of things that define me and none of them is my virginity. I am my work . I am my dreams . I am the love and kindness I put into giving . I am my sins but I am also my virtues .

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