I miss your stupid face

Do you think if you were to stop posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or whatever the social media poison of choice is) that your friends will wonder where have you been and whether you are still alive?

The answer is most likely, no.

For me, it was a definite no. Why? Because I tried it and that was what happened. A few years back, I used to make regular appearances on Facebook. Uploaded pictures as soon as I returned from my travels. Shared random thoughts of the day. During a phase of my quarter-life crisis, I went on a Facebook hunt and connected with school mates whom I have not spoken to in years or barely got to know in school and set up a reunion.

So yes, I have friends. Maybe I don’t have any close friends? Not true. I have some good friends who have always been there for me, even after I have disappeared from the face of the Earth and reappeared knocking on their (virtual) door. Then why did no one filed a missing report on me? Why did none of my Facebook friends called me up and said, “Hey where have your sorry ass been?” Has any of them even noticed that I have resigned from the virtual world? Not really. Well, one friend did and he waited until I pinged him to ask me why have I gone missing from the world.

Truth is: I moved. A LOT. I relocated so frequently that I bet my own brother could not tell you where I was if he had a gun to his head. Except for my other half, it was mostly a game of Where’s Wally for anyone to find me. Are we connected as individuals through social media or is social media connectedness drowning our individual existence?

The next time you think of someone, try giving them a call or show up at their doorstep and say, “Hey I miss your stupid face.”

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